Does Your Place Of Work Put Health & Safety First?

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Millions of people are going to work every day without any idea of how safe their workplace is. We tend to just assume the place we work is safe but is it as safe as we think? In this piece, we’ve got a few questions you should ask yourself to figure out if your place of work puts safety first:

Are You Aware Of The Health & Safety Plan?

Every business should have a health & safety plan of some kind. To put simply, this is normally a document of sorts that details all the risks in a company and how to work around them or be aware of them. They’re particularly important for high-risk areas of work like laboratories or construction sites. As an employee, you should be made aware of the health & safety plan and what practices must be taken. Even if you work in an office and there are seemingly no risks, you need to know the health & safety procedures. What are you meant to do in the event of a fire? What happens if something happens in the office that compromises your safety? A company that puts health & safety first will have no problems telling you all of this. In fact, they probably gave you health & safety documentation when they hired you. If they didn’t, and they don’t even have a proper plan, then you know your place of work isn’t safe.

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Is There Any Health & Safety Equipment?

At the moment, there is no proper law that states every commercial building or place of work has to have certain health & safety equipment on its premises. Primarily, we’re talking about defibrillators here. If your place of work has something like the PAD 350P defib on-site, then it certainly puts health & safety first. With a defibrillator, everyone in your office is protected should they have a cardiac arrest. It can mean the difference between someone surviving or dying. As mentioned, it’s not a legal requirement to have one of these, it depends on the company. A lot of offices don’t have these, which is silly. You never realise how important one of these things is until something bad happens, and you don’t have one. What’s more, they hardly take up any space and can be bought easily. There’s no excuse, if your place of work doesn’t have a defibrillator then it’s probably not as safe as you think.


Does Your Place Of Work Having Working Smoke Detectors?

Now, smoke detectors are essential if you want to work in a safe environment. Without working smoke detectors, your place of work just isn’t going to be safe at all. But, there are also other detectors to think about too such as carbon monoxide detectors. If your workplace doesn’t have either of these, then the alarm bells should start to ring inside your head.

It’s very important that your place of work puts health & safety before anything else. If it doesn’t, then you’re the one at risk! If you notice your workplace isn’t as safe as you thought, you should notify your superiors and tell them that things aren’t right and they need to change for the safety of you and the rest of your coworkers.


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