A car That can actually communicate with not only other cars but with weather,news,your personal info,social sites,traffic control, and also wireless linked to your home servers. The car updates your social sites but allows you to opt out,it gives you real time info on the weather and traffic,Tells you what is the best route,does a self check of all systems and searches for potential problems ex low tire etc. allows you to access your home servers and all the info can be sent to your vehicle. See thru screens can popup on the lower part of the windshield not blocking your view of the road, you can opt out of that, so it will only show the window if your car is stopped. It also has a automated response systems,smart road technologies. which Smart road Tech is linked to your vehicle giving you info on the road conditions that you are traveling on the average speeds, problems ahead This project has more to it.

Vehicle to Vehicle
Each vehicle is in contact with those around it. also it has a social app where when ever a friends car that you added to the contacts in the car, a screen will pop up letting you know who is close to you.It also can give you there destinations however for this you have to have the friends permission which a window will popup letting them know, asking them to accept or decline.This is just a peek of what I have for Cool Tech ideas! come back for more, Also share your own ideas to in the comment section or email them and i will publish them to the blog with your name.

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