Raising Good Kids: 5 Values Every Parent Needs To Teach

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As a parent, there is only one feeling you want to take with you to bed each night, and that is knowledge you are raising your kids to be good. That’s the most heavily-weighted responsibility any parent will ever experience. You want to know that you’re teaching them everything they need to succeed in life, from behaviors to problem-solving skills and even positive attitude.

The problem is, how do you know if you are achieving that as a parent?

Well, we recently went and spoke to a handful of people, all of whom work with children in either an influential, educational or professional capacity, and we asked them which values they believe are the most important for children to learn. And here is exactly what they had to say:

Value #1: Respect Is A Must

Respect is the source of so many other amazing character traits. This is absolutely true and the more you think about it the more that realization blossoms. Teaching your child to respect themselves encourages self-worth and self-esteem. Respecting rules then leads into obedience. Respecting others is the fastest way to motivate kindness.

Value #2: Quality People Win

The thing we all come to realize is that skill only gets you so far because skill can be taught. In that sense, being a quality person will also mean more than putting in a quality performance. Ask anyone in a position of leadership and they will tell you in no uncertain terms that they would prefer to teach a respectful child than one with natural ability.

Value #3: Tolerance Not Ignorance

In today’s society, this holds more precedence than ever. The world needs more tolerance, whether it is tolerance of gender, religion, sexuality, politics, personalities or opinions. The more tolerant a person is the less angry they will be, and happiness is the one thing all parents want their child to have by the bucket load. The world would be a better place if we were all more tolerant.

Value #4: Responsibility For Yourself

The most common reason why young people get in trouble is they realized Mum and Dad will always bail them out. They realize there will be no consequences. As a criminal sergeant explained to us, failure to learn responsibility at an early age often leads to tragic results. It could be a call from Rispoli Law, PLLC about an wrongful death, or a white-faced chat about teenage pregnancy, maybe a slip into drug addiction or even an inability to hold down a school or a job. Responsibility needs to be taught and understood, and that means the tough-to-enforce parenting tactic of making them learn from their lessons.

Value #5: Manners Maketh Man

Manners are one of the most cited values a parent can teach a child because it has so many benefits across a plethora of different areas. Manners can raise a child’s IQ, it can make them more graceful when they win and better accepting of a loss. It also makes them more reasonable and thoughtful, both of which will stand them in good stead because it will make them aware of a situation far beyond what they get out of it.

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