Reduce Your Risk with These Cancer Prevention Tips

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If you’re concerned about cancer and you want to do everything in your power to lower your risk of cancer, I have some good news for you – there are numerous risk reducing steps you can take to help you keep the dreaded disease at bay.

None of these things, on their own, will prevent you from getting cancer, as genetics also play a part, but they will can and will cut your odds dramatically…

Eat Resistant Starches

Eating resistant starches, like the starches found in white beans, porridge oats and green bananas is a great way of cutting your colon cancer risk if you eat a lot of red meat because it will help to ‘clean you out’ and keep your colon functioning optimally.


There is some good research to suggest that circumcision can cut the risk of penile cancer in males and that it may even stop men from spreading the HPV virus, which causes cervical cancer, to women too. If you get circumcised, you will be 50 times less likely to suffer from this form of cancer, but as the risk of penile cancer is quite small, you should think carefully before taking action.

Eat a Healthy Diet

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Sometimes, it seems like eating a healthy diet is the answer to every health issue, and although it isn’t quite that good, eating a diet that’s rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains is a good way to cut your cancer risk. As is avoiding a diet excessive in sugar, junk foods and alcohol.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Keeping your weight within your ideal BMI range and exercising at least 150 minutes each week will cut your risk of various cancers, including colon, breast and lung cancer. Ideally, you should be exercising vigorously for most of those 150 minutes to get the most benefit.

Stay Safe from the Sun

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Most of us enjoy spending time in the sun, whether we’re topping up our tans, playing on the beach or enjoying a simple walk in nature, but if we want to reduce our risk of cancer, we need to be careful about time spent in the sun.

For one thing, we should always wear sunscreen before we go out, and for another, we should avoid being out in the midday sun. If you must go out in the height of the sun’s heat, staying in the shade is advisable and will dramatically cut your skin cancer risk.

Practice Safe Sex

Practising safe sex is great for your health for so many reasons. It will help to protect your from STIs and prevent unwanted pregnancies, for example, but it will also offer you protection against contracting the HPV virus, which causes cervical and penile cancer, as I mentioned above.

As I mentioned earlier, doing all of the above won’t eliminate your chances of getting cancer, but they will make you healthier and reduce your risk of getting a whole range of cancers by enough to make it worthwhile.

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