Retiring in the Philippines Is for You If You Like These 5 Things

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Everyone dreams of spending their twilight years somewhere comfortable. If you’re like many Americans who imagine spending their retirement years in beachfront property and feeling the warm weather year-round without shelling out a lot of money, the Philippines is for you.

Low Cost of Living

If you’re an expatriate who’s not an alcoholic, doesn’t mind living in a rural area, stays at home most of the time, and doesn’t have a “sugar baby” as this blogger likes to call it, you can survive in this country with a $350 monthly budget. However, if you want to live a more indulgent lifestyle, like to stay close to shopping malls, and love the hustle and bustle of the city, you can buy a condo for sale in Taguig and other more bourgeoisie areas of Manila for a higher monthly cost.

Still, you could live just as comfortably in this tropical country with as little as $700 in your pocket as you would in Chicago with a $3,500 budget. Whether you want to spend less on housing and more on the experience or vice versa, consider this Asian country a potential retirement destination.

Tropical Weather

Ask as many expats as you want about what they love most about the Philippines, and you’d probably get tropical weather as the second-best answer. It can get really hot during the summer season, but if you’re American, your skin will love the humidity. The rain is a blessing for people living in rural areas, but it spells disaster for those living in lower elevation areas. The flooding will add to the heavy traffic, but other than that, the weather is perfect for everyone who’s looking to retire in a tropical paradise.

Close to Nature

With 7,641 known islands, the Philippine Archipelago is the perfect retirement destination for expats whose dream is to spend their last years exploring what nature has to offer. Imagine getting to spend each day of your senior year watching the sun rise and fall in an oceanfront property. Think of all the mountains you could hike, all the water adventures that await. The traffic situation aside, this small island nation will give you lots of opportunities to cross plenty of items on your travel bucket list.

A Warm Welcome

Generally known for being friendly and hospitable, Filipinos are truly a pleasure to be with. However, you’ll have to beware of tricksters and con-artists (some tend to cheat foreigners by charging a relatively higher price on things). If you choose to retire in the city, you won’t struggle with language barriers as Filipinos are English-speaking people.


Retiring in this tropical country has a plethora of pros, but it certainly has cons. If you’re planning to stay in major cities, like Manila or Cebu City, get ready to spend most of your time stuck in traffic. Also, prepare yourself to adjust to their cuisine as Filipinos consume less than an average American. They also have lots of exotic foods that you must try if you want to blend in with the locals and submerge yourself in their culture. If you’re up for all of these challenges and more, then you’re ready to retire in this small island nation.

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