Rewarding Your Customers For Making That Purchase

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Much business advice is out there detailing just how and why you need to enforce every possible smart solution aimed at guaranteeing customers come to your brand. We’re always in search of gaining new customers and clients, and retaining them on top of that. The purchase is something we aim for, that golden moment when the person finally completes the checkout process or brings out there wallet. It’s not only an achievement on the part of your product design team when that happens, but also all of your marketing and presentation efforts.

But what are we doing to reward customers for making that purchase? Do we ensure that they not only have the positive feeling associated with gaining a new shiny item, but also the comfort in knowing they made the right choice, and that we as a business deeply appreciate their decision? It’s worth asking yourself this question, because UX design should concern itself with how a purchase is followed up on, on top of how it may come to pass to begin with.

As far as that’s concerned, we have some advice to offer:

An Appreciation Note

A simple appreciation note can go a long way when a new customer tries out your product. A thank you email, as well as an email explaining how to use the product or how to activate their warranty can be important. Additionally, retailers like Amazon give the suppliers a chance to email the customer with a ‘how are we doing?’ email, allowing them to better explain just how the product was delivered and what their experience has been thus far. It’s this information gathering that can often be the most effective at curating goodwill, and it’s not hard to see why that is.

Excellent Delivery & Packaging

The excellent packaging and delivery of your goods can be a fantastic first impression to give, particularly for pricier purchases. For instance, Ship A Car Direct can be an essential means of bringing a purchased automobile to the home or office of a customer, or perhaps transitioning it to one of your retail parks closer to their home. In this way, you can ensure they start off their new experience with the vehicle as cleanly and pristinely as possible. That truly does count for something in the long run.

Complimentary Goods

A complimentary good can show your appreciation in a more tangible manner. For instance, if a customer purchases a large order, you may not wish to make them pay for additional delivery fees, instead upgrading them to your premium and immediate courier option as a ‘thank you’. Even a bag of sweets within the packaging can be a nice extra they may not have expected, and from that point on you will likely be raised in estimation by the guests. For instance, hotels usually offer complimentary toiletries to make the stay in the room more convenient. When you keep that mindset, you’ll think of many creative possibilities going forward.

With this advice, we hope you can better reward your valuable customers.

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