The Rise Of Underage Clubbers: 5 Reasons Why They Succeed


There’s a growing trend that will scare all you parents out there, and that’s underage clubbing. Let’s be honest; underage clubbing has been a thing for years and years, and it’ll never go away entirely. Still, it shouldn’t be on the rise like it has been. More and more young adults are making their way into clubs that they shouldn’t be allowed to enter. Why is this happening? Let’s take a look at a few possible reasons.

Untrained Staff

A simple reason for the rise of underage clubbers can often be attributed to poorly trained staff. A bouncer’s job is a tough one, and that’s especially true when they aren’t given all the information they need. Of course, it can also be as a result of hiring particularly cheap staff that aren’t up to scratch. These types of bouncers can be easily manipulated, leading to underage clubbers making their way inside.

Fake ID’s

Possibly the biggest reason stems from fake ID’s. They’re easily obtainable by people of all ages with the right amount of money, and they’re ever evolving. At one point in time, they might have looked fake with the right amount of inspection. These days, we’re able to do so much with technology that it becomes very difficult to differentiate between real and fake. This is why a fake ID scanner or similar technology is needed to weed out the underage clubbers. Without this, it’s very difficult.


You know how we talked about bouncers getting easily manipulated? This is where all manner of excuses come in. Underage clubbers talk to each other about the successful methods they’ve used to get into clubs. Then, they’ll try them out on their own local establishments. This goes from anything such as a worn away stamp to creating their own distractions. Just because they’re underage, it doesn’t mean they aren’t clever!

A Lack Of Real Punishment

We’ve all seen a few underage clubbers getting thrown out in our time, but have you seen real repercussions for it? Probably not. That’s because the most severe punishment in the majority of cases is getting thrown out. They might even get barred from the venue itself. Still, that’s not really a major punishment. The threat of jail time would be much more of a deterrent, and although it exists, it doesn’t get put into action very often.

Face-Value Impressions

A lot of underage clubbers use their style of dress to look older than they really are. These days, fifteen-year-olds are dressing like twenty-five year olds! In some cases, it’s very difficult to guess the age of these kids. Good bouncers should be checking every ID if there’s any suspicion at all, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, all it takes is a smart suit, posh hair-do, and a charming smile to get them through the door.

These are the factors that I believe contribute to the rise of underage clubbing. What do you think? Is it something that will ever go away, and what are the best ways to combat against it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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