Room Layout Rules You Should Forget About This Year

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The new decade is finally here and you’re ready to embrace new challenges when it comes to designing your home. You want to try something bolder and better, something that’s perfect for your lifestyle, inspiring, and simply looks really good. You’ve just bought an affordable house and lot in Cavite , and now you’re thinking about splurging a little bit on your home decor. Take it up a notch and go for something unusual with these room design ideas:

Put a vanity table or a desk next to your bed

If you have a limited space in your bedroom, it may be difficult to have both a nightstand and a vanity desk (or a work station for occasional telecommutes). Here’s a compromise you can try: put a small desk next to your bed and you’ll be surprised at how convenient it’s going to be. You’ll have enough space where you can put your phone, a glass of water, maybe an alarm clock if you’re a little old school, a night lamp and a small photo frame, and more functional spot where you can get ready in the morning or do some work from home.

What makes this even better is that you won’t have to think about getting a huge chair next to your bed. There are small tools available in many furniture stores or you can get a bean bag of a pouf that you can safely put under the drawers if you’re truly short on space. Any collapsible seat can help you save extra floor space.

Arrange your bed right in front of a window

This might be the boldest choice you can ever do (other than placing your bed facing the door) if you’re into feng shui. This isn’t a very common bedroom layout, but when executed well, it can truly make a difference in the overall vibe of your sleeping space. In addition, this can be even more visually appealing if you have an incredible outdoor space you can view from your windows while laying on your bed.

If you’re feeling bored with your current layout or just need to change things up a bit to maximize the space you have, this is a design idea you should definitely try no matter how unconventional it may be. One thing you need to consider, however, is the height of your bed frames and headboards. The lower they are, the better, as this will allow more natural light to pass through your windows and into your bedroom.

Build a dining area close to your TV space

Here’s another surprising room layout if you’re one of those who grew up in a household that prohibits eating meals in front of the TV. But, if you don’t have enough space, having a separate space for your dining area may not be feasible. So, it’s time to live your childhood dreams and create a small dining area right next to your TV screens, so you can enjoy munching and browsing through Netflix at the same time.

Feeling a little bit extra? Try adding a chandelier as well on top of your tiny table. Those low center tables that are common in many Japanese households may work well, both in terms of style and function.

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