Safe and Sound: 5 Industrial Safety Pieces of Equipment You Should Be Using at All Times

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Workplace accidents are hardly rare; in fact, in 2016 alone there were about 2.9 million injuries reported by private industry employers. Thankfully, there is equipment made specifically for helping keeping employees safe. In some cases, OSHA may regulate which pieces of equipment are required, but when it comes to personal safety, you can never be too prepared. Below are five pieces of equipment you should use at all times in industrial settings.

1. Protective Eyewear and Headwear

Industrial safety equipment includes the equipment that you will wear on your person. This will include eyewear to protect your vision. These are safety glasses or goggles, safety hoods, and facial shields. The safety glasses or goggles are made to protect your eyes from any potential flying objects. The safety hoods and the facial shields are made to protect your entire face from any potential chemical that could burn you.

2. Work Gloves

Depending on what industrial setting you are working in, gloves should always be worn. Gloves that are cut-resistant and puncture-resistant are always recommended. There are also gloves that will protect your hands from chemicals. If you can find gloves that will do all of these things then that would be the best option. In any warehouse, you will be working a lot with your hands and keeping them protected will allow you to be safe and to be able to continue working efficiently.

3. Protective Footwear

When working in settings that involve heavy objects, sharp objects, or slippery surfaces, work-appropriate footwear should be worn. This protective footwear is generally boots because boots will have thick soles and also extra protection around the toe. With a boot that has a thicker top, you will be less likely to feel an impact from any smaller equipment that might be dropped on your foot. Another good idea for the boots is to ensure that they are higher than ankle height. This can help keep the lower half of your legs safe from any accidents that may occur.

4. Fire Extinguisher

The fire extinguisher is a piece of safety equipment that is required to be in every business and industrial setting. You never know when a fire could break out where you work. Even though this is not something that you will use on a daily basis, it is important for you to know exactly where the fire extinguisher is and how to use it. In the chance that a small fire does break out, this piece of safety equipment will aide you a great deal in keeping yourself, others, and the product in the warehouse safe.

5. Automated Mechanical Safety Doors

Industrial roll-up doors will keep you safe in an industrial setting because they are a quick and easy way to separate the more dangerous areas from you and your coworkers. When these doors are in place, you can use them to keep different safety items separate from each other. This means that if you work with a couple of different chemicals then you can keep the most dangerous on one side of the door and the least dangerous on the other side. This way they do not interact with each other and possibly create some type of safety hazard.

There five pieces of safety equipment will help to keep you and others safe. When working, you want to be able to protect yourself from any type of potential hazard. This is where the protective eyewear and footwear comes into play. You also want to ensure that the building uses safety equipment throughout, such as industrial doors and fire extinguishers.

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