The Safest Cars to Drive This Winter

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There are a whole host of winter driving tips out there to help you successfully navigate the cold, snowy and icy winter months as a driver. But these tips aren’t the only thing that you should be thinking about adding to your winter driving arsenal. No, you should be thinking about adding a new car to it too. Below are some of the best cars out today that have winter safety as their paramount objective.

Subaru Levorg

Subarus have long been known as strong, workman-like cars; its Levorg is no different. It is an estate car that has its drivers safest at the forefront of everything it offers, no matter the season but especially in the winter. A big contributing factor to this is its CVT automatic gearbox; this helps it navigate any road with ease, whether it is dry, wet, snowy or icy.

Fiat Panda 4×4

The 4×4 hatchback of the Fiat Panda family may not look like it (as it has a very pretty look to it), but it is a practical choice for all those who wish to purchase a car that will protect them on the roads during winter. In fact, it is a very practical choice for all those who want to purchase a car that will protect them in off-road terrains too. It is a gritty and mobile car that can quite literally get to grips with whatever it drives on. So, if going off road (and looking stylish whilst you do so) is your plan this winter, let the Panda 4×4 be a part of your plans.

Suzuki Swift (hatchback)

The Suzuki Swift is a hatchback that has a system called ALLGRIP built into it, and that should tell you everything you need to know about its capabilities when it comes to winter driving. The ALLGRIP system, as well as the fact that its wheels are lined in a SZ5 trim, means that the Swift can successfully guide you through even the harshest of winter terrains. So, if staying in control of your car as you drive, no matter the weather, is your goal, then let the Swift be your choice when you next enter a car dealership.

Range Rover Sport

You couldn’t have a list identifying the best cars for winter driving without including a Range, could you? No, you couldn’t. But the Range Rover Sport SUV isn’t on this list because of its name alone. It is on this list because it offers an on-road performance like no other, and an off-road one that is unparalleled. When on road, it makes you feel as if you are driving a far smaller, far more mobile car, when in actual fact you are driving a beast of a car. When off road, it makes you feel as if you are in actual fact on it. And what could be better than that, especially in the winter time?

The winter brings with it ice and snow, and this can be detrimental to drivers, cars and roads alike. Wrongful death, which is a death caused by the negligent and wrongful actions of others, is statistically high in the winter time. And, unfortunately, all the winter driving tips in the world cannot protect you against it. All the driving experience and skill that time can buy cannot stop you from being subjected to another driver ploughing into you after skidding on an unseen section of black ice. But what can give you added protection in such a situation is being in a tough car that comes with added protection. So, if you don’t want you loved ones to be calling McNeely Stephenson with wrongful death claims after your unfortunate and untimely passing, get yourself a car that will provide you with an added layer of protection. Get yourself a car strong enough to withstand both the beatings of winter as well as other cars, such as the offering from Range Rover above.

If you do so, and if you purchase any of the cars above to drive this winter, you may just end up saving a life. This could be your life, or it could be the life of a fellow driver. What is important, is that a life is saved. So, go out and treat yourself to a new car before the cold winter months take their grip on the world. Go, go, go!


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