Safety In The Life Of A Trucker


If you own a large truck, then you most likely work for a company where you deliver goods. This is a very fun job to have because essentially you get to travel every single day, and depending on where your deliveries lie, you could be travelling all over the world. Having said that, it is also a lot of responsibility, and you need to make sure that you are always on the ball. As with any kind of vehicle, driving on the road takes a lot of control and focus – it only takes a second to lose that and end up in an accident. As a trucker, because your vehicle is a lot bigger and you are essentially towering over people, you need to be extra careful because you can cause a lot of damage if you wanted to.

Here’s how to ensure you’re always safe.

The mirrors.

As you’re bigger, it’s a lot harder to spot smaller vehicles, so you always need extra mirrors that stick further out to get you even more vision of what is going on around you. Another good tip is to have a sign on the back of your truck that lets everyone know that if they can’t see your mirrors themselves, then you can’t see them either. This just alerts drivers that getting too close up behind you is a very dangerous idea.

The lights.

Your vehicle will already have the basic lights, but as you probably already know, you will do a lot of your driving through the night, so you need to make yourself seen a lot more than others because of your size. So never feel as though there’s such a thing as too much – you want everywhere to know that you’re approaching. There are many different lights available to attach to your vehicles, so read more about what you need.

The distractions.

By no means should you ever be driving while on the phone. This rule applies to everyone, but there are no exceptions here depending of the kind of vehicle you drive. The only time that you should be making a phone call or responding to a message, is when you’re pulled over, parked up somewhere safe, and stationary. It’s not worth the risk of answering the phone for a two-minute chat – your life can change dramatically within that time.

The fatigue.

You need to realise that your job can be very exhausting, especially because you have to be alert the whole time unless you’re catching up on some rest at a service station. If ever you feel like you’re no longer able to keep your eyes open properly, you need to find somewhere safe to pull over immediately. In the meantime, turn the heating off, open the window, and get as much fresh air as you can until you’re able to stop.

Now you know what to bear in mind, there is no reason that you should be putting yourself, your vehicle, or anyone else on the road at risk.

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