Safety Tips to Practice To Keep Your Home Safe From COVID-19 This Winter

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With the Halloween fever over, we can finally feel the Christmas spirit in the air. But with the threat of COVID-19 pandemic still looming around the corner, all of us across the country will be celebrating Christmas differently.

With travel restrictions and social distancing regulations in place, most will just be spending Christmas alone or with our immediate family and household members.

In just a few weeks, the first snow of the year will fall from the sky. The weather will continue to plummet, forcing a lot of Americans to spend more time indoors.

This poses a threat that another wave of the Coronavirus will take place during winter. As we know, viruses thrive more in cold weather. The dry winter air allows the virus to travel faster as compared during the summer months.

Furthermore, air recirculates indoors. This only increases the risk of widespread disease transmission. Measures should be taken to continually protect ourselves and our families from the threat of the Coronavirus disease.

It can be tiring to still be wearing masks and practice social distancing since the outbreak of the pandemic. But until there has been no approved vaccine yet, let us take precautions to avoid getting infected or spreading the disease.

Even a single tiny misstep could lead to your whole family and household getting infected. By practicing the following suggestions throughout the winter months, you can help your home stay Coronavirus-proof.

Wear Mask When Going Out

Wearing a facemask (and also face shield) when going out is the easiest and cheapest way to avoid catching or spreading COVID-19. Wearing one is extremely important when you are in crowded places and inadequately ventilated areas.

The Coronavirus, just like any other virus, is transmitted from one person to another through droplets people exhale, cough out, or sneeze out. By wearing face masks, the spread of these droplets is reduced, if not, totally stopped.

Avoid Crowds

According to medical authorities, you should avoid the 3 C’s. These are close spaces, crowded areas, and close contact. But with most states easing up on their social distancing regulations and with the change in season, practicing these could be hard.

Although the 6-feet away is a good rule to observe, it does not protect you from the risk of getting infected. Droplets from infected people could still get into your eyes and mouth. These droplets could even linger longer in the air. So, rather than go to restaurants or bars, consider delivery or takeout service instead.

Keep Your Windows Open

Just because it’s winter does not mean you cannot open your windows anymore, even for a few minutes.

Keeping air flowing regularly in and out of your house helps filter out viruses and bacterias that threaten the health of your loved ones. Accordingly, even a 6-inch window opening can dramatically change the indoor air quality.

Wash Your Hands Often

Most people take this for granted, but this simple instruction of washing your hands can significantly lessen the spread of viruses, including COVID-19.

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Carry around with you alcohol-based sanitizers in case you need to clean your hands, and there’s no water and soap around.

Prevent COVID-19 From Getting In

Other than practicing social distancing when you go out of the house, take precautionary measures when heading back inside.

Take off your shoes before stepping on your front door. And when you have been on public transportation or any crowded places, immediately put your clothes directly in the washing machine and take a shower.

Deep Clean and Disinfect Your House

Cleaning and disinfecting should go hand in hand to keep you home safe from the threat of COVID-19.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that surfaces at home that are frequently touched should be cleaned and disinfected at least once a day. This includes doorknobs, table surfaces, light switches, and TV remotes.

Apart from this, have your HVAC system cleaned and checked for any maintenance needed. Having good quality indoor air is extremely crucial right now since your whole family is spending more time indoors.

If there are any leakings or damages caused by water, have them fixed by a water damage restoration contractor. By taking this preventive measure, you prevent mold that could cause various diseases from infesting your house.

Shrink Your Social Bubble

Although Christmas is about being with family and catching up with good old friends, right now is not the best time for social gatherings. Have virtual gatherings instead of risking everyone’s health and safety. All of us have to learn how to adapt for us to survive this pandemic.

As we look forward to the holidays, keep in mind to practice these safety tips to remain safe and healthy throughout the year.



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