Same Place, Bigger Space: How to Make Your Home Feel Wider

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A place of your own is one of the ways you can feel that you’ve become an independent adult. If you’ve just begun working, however, your housing options are severely limited. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance to live comfortably, though.

Condos are more affordable compared to a home built from scratch. While it doesn’t possess the same degree of control as a property of your own, its quality of living is still above apartment life. Some units also offer additional amenities for you to use.

One of the best advantages of a condo is its location, which is usually near or inside business hubs. If you want to have a pleasant place to stay and have your workplace nearby, look for a condominium for sale in Ortigas, an area near EDSA.

Sometimes, however, your condo’s living area can feel small and uncomfortable. Make your home feel larger with these decorating ideas.

Paint and Lighting

Using the right paint colors and light strategically will make a room feel larger than it is. As a general rule of thumb, stick to lighter, off-white colors. Avoid making your room stark white, though, as it can feel harsh on the eyes.

Try painting your ceiling and walls the same colors to make the transition between them more seamless. It will also give the impression of higher ceilings. Vertical stripes can also achieve the same effect. Horizontal lines, meanwhile, make a room feel longer.

Bright lighting will make a room seem wider, although natural light is preferable compared to fluorescent light. When rearranging furniture, avoid covering the windows to let in as much natural light as you can. Use sheer curtains with light patterns for a delicate touch.

Mirror, Mirrors on the Wall

Mirrors in the right places will bounce natural light around and make a room look brighter. In general, the best location is either near a window or across it. No matter how big or small, there is a suitable place for your mirrors in the house.

If you have a long mirror, place it at the end of the hallway to make it look brighter. You can also try placing multiple horizontal strips of mirrors on the wall. Consider using wall mirrors in common areas, such as living rooms or dining rooms, to make them appear larger.

You can also group small, framed mirrors and arrange them on your wall. Use them as an addition to your centerpiece or as decorations above your fireplace mantle, if any. Avoid overusing them, though, as they can make your room feel cluttered.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

A room full of furniture and clutter is bound to make it look small. Storage problems are a common issue when it comes to living in a relatively small home. Maximize your storage space by using multi-purpose furniture that is not only compact but can also serve as item storage.

One of the biggest storage opportunities is under your bed and sofa. If you’re sure that your furniture is structurally sound, consider installing a movable compartment underneath. Ottomans are also a good choice when it comes to plush seating and easy storage.

Is buying furniture out of your budget? If you’ve dabbled in DIY, you can try doing furniture modifications yourself. Beginners should start small, however, so that they don’t end up ruining their furniture permanently.

Your condo can feel small at times, especially if you’ve lived in it for quite a long time. With a little bit of creative thinking and elbow grease, however, you can renovate your home and make it feel cozy instead of constricting.

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