Save A Life: Be Aware Of These Dangerous Road Risks

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1.25 million road deaths a year occur, according to WHO. Yet we will all happily hop in our cars, and drive to work, drive to the store, or even drive to get to our vacation destination. We really don’t think much about it either. It has just become an everyday part of our lives. However, as the statistics prove it can be a dangerous activity, one that we want to protect our families from as much as possible. Of course, that doesn’t mean driving less, but instead being more aware of the dangers on the road so you can avoid, or compensate for them. To this end keep reading for a rundown on the biggest risks to life that you need to keep an eye open for when you are driving.


Weather is a huge factor that can affect road safety, meaning it is something that you always need to be aware of and adjust your driving for. Snow and ice can be particularly dangerous. Although not everyone has to contend with these on a regular basis.

Rain, however, is a different matter as it pretty common and rainy conditions can make it harder to break. Meaning you need to leave a larger gap between you and the person in front. In addition, heavy rain can cause problems with visibility and can make it difficult to maintain control of the car if you are driving at high speed. So always decrease your speed in a heavy rain to prevent being a danger on the road.

Other Vehicles

Of course, driving would be a lot easier if there was no one else on the road but us. However with our roads being more congested now that ever before, other vehicles play a large part in how safe each of our journeys will be.

In particular, you need to watch out for oversized vehicles like buses, and trucks because they take longer to slow down, need a wider turning circle, and don’t always have great visibility. Making them a real danger risk for other cars on the road. It’s best to give them a wide berth wherever possible, although if you do get caught up in an accident with a larger vehicle, you can call on the services of lawyers like the Sloan Firm to help argue your case. Allowing you to get the compensation you deserve to pay for a vehicle replacement and medical bills.


Roundabouts, they are everywhere all over the globe, and they are designed to control the flow of traffic and make driving safer. However, it often depends on the other drivers here, as if they are not paying attention, are in the wrong lane, or they are going too quickly they can cause an accident.

That means you need to remain extra vigilant when faced with a roundabout, small or large. Looking at what others are doing as well as where you need to signal and turn off. If in doubt, wait until it feels safe to go, and pay no heed to people behind you tooting their horns. After all, they are not concerned for your safety like you are!

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