Seriously Fun Careers That Actually Pay Well

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If you ever ask a child what they want to do when they grow up, they will often say something like an Astronaut, a Singer, or something that just sounds incredibly fun and exciting. However, as adults we tend to be conditioned to believe that, not only are these career choices something that are completely unrealistic and out of reach, but that we should be doing something that pays well, but that isn’t necessarily fun or enjoyable.

In this post, although we’re not going to tell you that you can be a Disney Princess or a superhero, we are going to share with you some fun career choices open to you that do actually pay well.

Stunt person:

If you’ve ever watched those Hollywood action movies where people are jumping off of buildings or driving cars over bridges and wondering how these scenes are pulled off by the actor, then we’re here to tell you that these are actually done by professional stunt people. This is such a fun job if you love action, it comes with less of the drama than being an actor, and you can make an average salary of $70K per year simply for throwing yourself onto massive cushions and trampolines all day in front of a cameras whilst pretending to run from bad guys.

Toy designer:

As much as adults like to pretend otherwise, we do love toys and the creativity and imagination that they inspire in children and ourselves. If you’ve ever wondered who comes with the ideas for the design of these, then the answer is a toy designer. This is an actual job that basically allows you to design and play with toys all day long and get paid as much as $71K for the privilege.

Video game designer:

If you were like a large majority of teenagers when you were younger, then you’ve come across video games and probably had the chance to play some of them yourself. The work and creativity that goes into creating these games from the concept to the high-quality graphics and every other part is something that takes a lot of skill and talent, but is an incredibly fun career choice that actually allows you to play video games all day and get paid pretty handsomely for it. Average salaries for video game designers typically go to almost $84K.


The great thing about science is how broad it is, so there are pretty endless career opportunities in this field from working on the development of new life-saving medicines, to studying the universe, or designing 384 well reservoirs, the choices for a high-paying, fun and interesting career in science are truly all over the place and although each type of science pays differently, the salaries are generally pretty high.

Caretaker of a private island:

Have you ever wanted to live on a private island and get paid for it? Well, this is not only possible, but it’s an actual job title for those who seek that kind of life. Of course it’s not all about lying on the beach sipping cocktails all day whilst your bank account just gets bigger, but there’s plenty of fun to be had as a private island caretaker as well as an average salary of $100K.

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