The Most Shocking Celebrity Court Cases In History


Nobody likes to admit it, but the prospect of a juicy court case gets most of us excited. TV shows like Making A Murderer and The Jinx have turned the prospect of a horrible crime into an entertainment phenomenon, but what we love more than anything is a high-profile celebrity case. These celebrities seem so infallible so people relish the chance to see them at their most vulnerable, making the same mistakes that everyday people do. While we quickly forget them, these celebrity court cases shocked the world at the time.

O.J. Simpson

The court case of O.J. Simpson was one of the most controversial celebrity cases in history that sparked a race row that shook the whole country. It was so shocking because Simpson was such a huge superstar and held in such high esteem by everybody in the country. That’s why it came as such a massive shock when he was accused of murdering his wife and her friend. The O.J. case also saw the birth of the live televised car chase that has become a staple of American news channels everywhere when he tried to flee. The case caused so much controversy after he was acquitted, but he was since found guilty and ordered to pay $33 million in damages. He’s currently in prison for an unrelated armed robbery.


Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson had previously been famous for Braveheart, Lethal Weapon, and Passion Of The Christ, but these days he’s better known for being an anti-semitic drunk driver. He shocked the nation in 2006 when he was pulled over for drink driving and then proceeded to start shouting racial slurs about the Jewish community. He must have had a decent defense from somebody like Edward Flint, Criminal Defense Lawyer because he managed to get off relatively lightly considering what he did. He was ordered to attend alcohol abuse programs and given three years probation, but he managed to avoid jail time. In a failed attempt at redeeming himself, he took part in an alcohol awareness advert.

Robert Downey Jr.


If you ask kids these days about Robert Downey Jr. they’ll tell you he’s the incredibly successful actor that plays Iron Man in the Marvel movie franchise. But it wasn’t that long ago that he was up against a judge every five minutes. He was arrested on multiple drug charges and some weapons charges. Between 1996 and 2001 he was in and out of rehab and eventually spent six months inside after missing out on a drug test. At the time it seemed like he would never get off that path of self-destruction but his career has flourished since he cleaned up his act.

Oscar Pistorius


The beginning of his story was one of a man overcoming huge hurdles to achieve his dreams. After his appearance running at the Paralympics in 2012, he inspired people all over the world. That made it all the more shocking when, just a year later, he shot and killed his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Although he claimed he thought she was an intruder, he was still sentenced to five years in prison for her murder.

Every one of these celebrities was once revered as a hero so it just goes to show, you never truly know who these people are.


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