Should You Perform Mold Remediation Yourself?

Mold is considered the #1 indoor air quality problem in the U.S. for housing. Removing black mold can be taught by this easy step-by-step process. Naturally, every instruction based technique or method requires patience. When you see a problem in your ceiling, such as a small round dark smudge and the rest of the ceiling is all white or off-white. Your health could be in jeopardy. First of all, safety should be a concern because of the mold’s harmful airborne particles. The items you will need for this are as follows:

  • Face mask air filter
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Black mold removal products
  • Rain boots (for outdoor structure work)

Identifying The Mold Source

Before you begin washing or scrubbing with bleach and water, find the source of the moisture. The toxic fungus is mold. If mildew or mold is found growing in small spaces, it could be from caused by leaky pipes, roofs, or areas which have condensation drips and such, if it’s not removed, it will ultimately reappear.

Here are some steps to do a quick removal of mold.

  1. First, removing the moisture from an affected area helps, but if there’s still a recurring problem caused by leaks or condensation, the mold will emerge again.
  2. Next, when seals aren’t closed tight such as in the doorways, there could be other openings going directly to other spaces in the home. Most homeowners will put a heavy duty plastic above the area, then seal it with duct tape. With outdoor rooms that lead to the smaller rooms, like a washroom, then an exhaust fan can help remove “mold spores” from a room if need be.
  3. Wear a respirator/facemask. This is specifically for black mold spore protection that you should wear protective gear.

Things to remember when doing Mold Remediation

  • Cover your legs, arms, and hands so you prevent touching mold spores.
  • Use a sponge and soap to wash and remove places where mold is seen.
  • Spray the moldy area if its dry with your bleach mixture, thereby reducing the airborne mold spores while you clean.
  • Most hardware stores have commercial black mold removal products.
  • Optionally make your own home remedy with a mix of bleach and water.

Remember if you have any doubt about DIY mold remediation PLM restoration can perform this service for you.

Control Mold With Mold Remediation

Once you’ve made sure there are no water leaks in the home, mold can be controlled. The health hazard of mold or water intrusion can lead to structural damage to the home. Pests can be attracted to the rotten wood that is being caused by the water leak and makes the problem much worse. Mold along with the possible pest issues can quickly become a nightmare if not treated. Then it causes a domino effect which is horrendous in clean up and recovery.

When home construction is having a problem with homes being literally flooded with water intrusions, one way to deal with it if you are already in a new home is begin the monitoring and maintenance of controlling the mold from growing.


DIY Mold Removals, Black Mold And Testing For It

Basements and bathrooms are two common places where you’ll find black mold and should be checked. The kitchen is another area where moisture and condensation like to gather and allow mold growth when not checked regularly. The thing that helps mold grow is damp and humid areas. Mold growth can be seen and has a distinct smell to it.

In fact, black mold “tends to have a strong, musty smell, and of course, it displays a trademark black color.” You can DIY to remove it or hire a professional. With the do-it-yourself test for black mold, you’ll have to purchase a mold tester pack. It’s a kit that you can get from any home repair store.

PLM Restoration can perform testing to see what types of mold issues you are having.

It can be expensive to remove but then steps to remove it will depend on the testing results. Eradicating black mold is possible for any homeowner who wants to keep the value of their home. To be sure that you’ve gotten the mold removal done thoroughly PLM can perform it for you.

The Removal Of Black Mold

Removal of mold can be as simple as vinegar and water mixed and sprayed on a small affected area. Although, but there are those large areas that are affected with mildew that turns into mold. Wear your protective equipment before you start the remediation of mold yourself. For instance, if you have mold underneath the carpets, remove and discard your carpets. When you clean the area, make sure it’s dry. If not, dry it with a blow dryer or vacuum it with a wet-dry vacuum. Treating the area with a biocide and disinfectant such as OxB biocide or MoldSTAT will help you tackle the problem easier. When you complete the area, throw away sponges and other cleaning material and put them in a heavy duty garbage bag and put it outside in order to avoid distributing the mold spores which is possible to do when you do it yourself.

Save time, money and your home

Finally, by removing the mildew and mold before it worsens will save you thousands of dollars. Since it can grow on wood, paper, carpet, foods, and insulation, find out the source first. Where is it coming from? Then tackle the problem by a good cleanup. This can help to solve your mold issue unless there are hidden areas with mold festering.

The excessive buildup can be harmful to your health, it’s best to get rid of it once you’ve identified it. In the long run, you’ll be able to sleep at night while knowing that it was handled just in time. It’ll save the structure of your home from getting ruined most of all.

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