Signs it’s Time for a Bigger Home

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There always comes a time in life when you feel that it’s time to move to a better house than the one you are currently living in. Moving to a new home involves some expenses which will definitely get you thinking if the move is worth the cost. Generally, moving is stressful. It comes with a lot of skeptics and anxiety. You may feel like the current house is not spacious enough so you need a bigger house or a home with the features you like. Necessity for a better environment, more room, access to better facilities and generally a better quality of life are among the considerations which push people to move to bigger homes. On this post, I share with you some carefully researched considerations and signs that it’s about time you moved to a bigger home.

1. Increase in the number of your family members

This can be the main reason for getting a bigger house for many families. Growth of household is inevitable. At some point your family and items will outgrow your current home and you’ll need more room. As long as there is an expansion in your family there’s no doubt that you’ll need more space. Increase in number of people in the house this means there will be an increase in items since everyone have their own items, therefore more space is needed. So, moving will be the only option.

2. An increase in your income

When you’ve gotten a new job or you’ve received a pay rise in your current job, and now you feel like you need to change your lifestyle. Everyone wants an upgrade in their lives. So, when you get a boost in your income it is obvious that you will change some things in your life at least to have that feeling of progress. You may invest in a home and get some new furniture among other good stuffs for your home. An increase in disposable income gives you the financial foundation to move to a bigger home.

3. A need for a better academic system for your kids

If you’re thinking of getting your kids into better schools, schools which are not in your current neighborhood, then it’s about time you moved. Schooling needs change with time. The same schools and academic systems you were comfortable with for your kids a couple of years ago may not be the ideal schools for them today. If you want more value for investment in their education, it’s a sign that you need to get to a bigger home, a bigger neighborhood with better schools. In America, three fifths of home buyers cite the desire for a better school system for their kids a reason for moving into prime estates with big homes.

4. A need for more space

Nowadays homes are filled with lots of fun lifestyle things compared to the lifestyles people lived years back. Today, people even have rooms for so many indoor activities. Years back, people used to go to the gyms around their neighborhoods but today people create rooms for this in their homes. Even pets have rooms in the homes. Generally if you have pets in your home there is need for space. Kids need space too for them to play hence a need for a bigger house.

Also, as your kids grow to teenage there’s need for space because they need their own rooms to sleep and keep their stuff there; they need some privacy. They also need ample space when they start their schooling so a study room is essential. A study room gives kids more concentration when doing their studies at home hence more space is required. These are pointers that you need more room for your family, a pointer that you should consider moving to a bigger home.

5. Need for a safer community

The need for security cannot be exaggerated. A safe and secure community is important for your well-being. If you have children, it is even more important to live in a safe environment to protect your children from harm and shield them from dangers. Families opt for gated communities especially because they are safer. These kind of communities usually have big houses so if you need a safer community, moving to a bigger home is an option since big homes are generally more secure.

6. Change in your needs

An ideal case is when you get a new job whereby commuting may be a problem. Your former job was not far from your home so commuting was easier compared to this new job. If the distance between your workplace and your home is long it becomes hard for you to travel from home to work and back every day, maybe it’s about time you called a long distance moving company to help you move to a bigger home near your workplace. Sometimes you probably get tired before getting to work because of the long distance and traffic, and it adversely affects your productivity. Opt for a home near your work place. I’s sure you won’t be moving to a smaller house than the one you currently live in; especially now that you’ll be saving on gas or fare by moving to a house near your work place.

7. When thinking of whether to remodel or move

Remodeling your house is usually expensive compared to moving to a bigger house. This idea of remodeling your house may come up once you realize that your current home does not accommodate you well. Since remodeling is expensive you may opt to sell your current home then move to a new and bigger home.

8. Decrease in bigger homes prices

You may take advantage when you find out that the real estate market rates have gone down. If you find out that the prices of buying big homes have decreased, this can be a good opportunity for you to get a bigger home. And this is a sign for you to move to a bigger home.

I hope that you found this post insightful. For more information on moving, feel free to get in touch with us.

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