Simple Driving Tips To Keep You On The Road

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Owning, running, and driving a car can cost a lot of time and money that you may not have considered to start with. Many things can go against you when you’re driving. Such as breakdowns, accidents, and repair bills that are too large to cope with. When you buy a car, you do need to follow all the rules that come with car ownership. There are loads in place to keep yourself, and everyone else on the roads safe, and of course, insurance is essential. But what else does a new owner need to know? And are there ways to prevent the worst-case scenario and keep the car on the road?


Maintaining a car is a daily responsibility. Just making sure that you have enough fuel, oil, water in the screen wash, and the exterior is kept clean and finished. The reason for this is that wearing tear on the vehicle will be vastly reduced, and a yearly service can actually cut down the number of breakdowns that you experience, and problems that you may have with the vehicle in the future. It can be a little bit tough to keep up the maintenance regularly but ensuring that your tires are pumped up and the rest of the car is well looked after, is worth the investment. There is a reason that the MOT certificates and testing are done every year, a lot can change in a few months when it comes to cars, and even a little bit of neglect can cause some severe issues.

Driving carefully

It goes without saying that driving carefully will help prevent any accidents. But really going that little extra and making sure you’re thinking one step ahead all of the time, will be your highest chance at saving time and money on accidents, and problems that occur, from not paying enough attention or sticking to the rules of the road. Getting somewhere an extra minute or two sooner really isn’t worth the risk of causing a big accident. Even though auto accident doctor is on hand should you need them, prevention is better than cure, and thinking carefully will help you with this. Not only does driving carefully help the safety of everyone around you, but you can also save your money since Insurance companies actually charge less for people who are sharing their movements with them.

Dash Cam

Dashcams are becoming much more commonplace these days. Not only for insurance purposes but just to make sure that everything is safe and secure when you’re driving. Having evidence of any problems that occur will actually help you in many situations. You do not only keep other drivers aware of their actions, but it also helps you to become self-aware and think about the way in which you’re driving. Modern technology obviously has increased the use of this in-car CCTV and made it more accessible to road users. So don’t be surprised if you do get into trouble and someone is already recording the scenario. It’s always best to invest a little bit more in your camera equipment for the car, because you may find that when you do need it at some point in the future, a clear recording with the ability to be able to tell what number plate the other car has, will stand you in a good chance of getting it sorted quickly.

Following the rules

We’ve already talked about following the rules, but what exactly does this mean? And is it easy to follow everything to the letter? There is an element of common sense when it comes to driving, and if you’re going to think about driving long distances, you need to consider the extra things such as tiredness, and potential problems with the car. The rules of the road are there for a reason, and I made by people who have read and researched as much information as possible, especially when it comes to speeding. There are many good reasons why you should stick within the speed limit. Not only because you’re likely to get a ticket, but that physics and studies show that an increase in speed is much more likely to cause severe damage to a person. These are the reasons you have a driving test, and it is checked thoroughly to see whether you are suitable for driving or not.


Obviously, the theft of a car is going to set you back a little bit, and take you off the roads for a while. So some of the ways in which you can prevent that are making sure your car has the security system. Plus make sure it is obvious. Keep valuables out of sight, including your radio/stereo/Bluetooth system. And always park in visible well-lit areas in front of cameras if possible. It goes without saying that you should never leave coats or bags in a car unattended because it just encourages criminals to target your vehicle.

Lock your doors

This one may seem incredibly obvious, but the amount of people who actually have problems such as their car being stolen, just because they forgot to lock the vehicle in the first place, is actually incredibly large, on the way to prevent this is to have a routine, a place where your keys always go and a ccc list of things you do as you’re about to leave the car altogether.

Ultimately everyone makes their own decisions in life and driving sensibly and within the law is obviously the right choice. But if you want to stay on the road and you don’t want to receive And unexpected bill at the most challenging time. Doing everything you can to prevent this will ensure that you save a lot of money on repair bills. So whether you’re a new driver, an experienced driver, or just thinking about taking lessons, remember the basics and sticking with being safe and considerate of other people will always bring good things your way.

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