Simple Tech Gadgets Many Patients Rely On

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There are some pieces of technology that have really changed the way in which some people live. In the past, many people who can now live positive and productive lives wouldn’t have been able to. And that’s something that’s entirely down to gadgets and technology that many now rely on in their day to day lives.

Testing Equipment and Monitors

There are many forms of testing and monitoring equipment that people now use. For example, people with diabetes have to test their blood sugars levels numerous times each day. If this weren’t possible, they wouldn’t be able to look after their chronic condition properly. And that would be terrible for their long-term health. Many people have to have IV infusion therapy. And there are electronic monitors that make this easy now too. You can find used medical equipment that covers all sorts of monitoring and application equipment. Diabetics can also have pumps that insert insulin into the body automatically.


TipStim for Stroke Victims

Strokes can be one of the most devastating health problems that anyone can face. Of course, there are different consequences for different people. Some people can return to normal, but others have long-term health implications that have to be treated properly. The sense of touch is one of the things that can be most badly damaged. People can have problems with their fingertips, and this can make even basic daily tasks very difficult indeed. Most of us take the sense of touch for granted. But the TipStim is a glove that slides on the hand and stimulates the fingertips of the patient to help bring back feeling.

Insomnia Wristbands

Insomnia might not seem like the most serious health problem in the world. But the impact on the people who suffer from it can be difficult. Insomnia stops people from sleeping, and this can damage their ability to function normally during the day as well. Now there is a wristband that vibrates and aims to gently ease the person to sleep when they’re having difficulty dropping off. It has been tested, and they really do work. It pulsates and creates a rhythm that causes the body to relax, and this then makes sleep possible and more likely. The other thing that makes it appealing is the fact that no drugs are involved in this type of treatment.

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Give-Vision for Patients with Glaucoma

Glaucoma can be a devastated illness that causes the patient to lose their eyesight gradually. There is now an amazing gadget that allows people to avoid that. Give-Vision look like simple glasses, but they do much more than that. They can help the wearer to switch focus so they can see exactly what they want to look at when their eyes won’t let them. They can also boost the colour balance of what the person is looking at to improve how they see different things. It’s all about correcting the negative effects that the glaucoma causes for the patient. It’s something that is already beginning to change many people’s lives.

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