Simple Ways To Save Money With Your Motor!

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Owning your own vehicle gives your freedom and independence. You can go where you want, when you want. There’s no need for expensive Ubers and taxis, and no unreliable public transport to get you from A to B. However driving and owning a car doesn’t come cheap. After forking out on lessons and driving tests to pass you then have to buy a car, tax, unsure it and put fuel in which is costly to say the least. For this reason you’ll probably be hoping to find ways to save a little and keep additional costs to a minimum. Here’s how you can save some money on your car!

Learn Some Basic Car Maintenance Skills

This isn’t to say you need to become a car expert, neither should you start fiddling around with things you don’t really understand as you will probably do more harm than good. However having a basic understanding of cars and knowing how to perform certain jobs can save you cash. Windscreen wipers or bulbs need replacing? Purchase these cheaply online and fit them yourself instead of going to a garage. Even things like changing the battery or brake pads can be done with a bit of know-how, just be sure to research this first and be very clear on what you need to do. You don’t need to pay an expert big prices every time something small goes wrong with your car, there are cases where you can do this yourself.

Go For Services

With that being said, there will of course be faults with the car that you’re not going to be able to spot yourself (without a lot of knowledge or diagnostic equipment). For this reason it’s worth taking your car in every six months to be checked over, that way some problems could be picked up before they have chance to become larger or more expensive ones. Don’t wait until your yearly MOT, at least with a service you know most things are running well which can give you some peace of mind,

Buy a Breakdown Policy

However having said that, no matter how reliable you think your car might be, it’s a machine and parts can go wrong leading to failure. A car can come right out of it’s MOT and still break down, because it’s impossible to tell when certain parts will fail. If you pay for a breakdown policy it will be a small amount per month, however if your car breaks down without you have to pay for an emergency callout which is far more expensive. It makes sense to be prepared, as you will save yourself a heap of cash if your car decides to stop working! There are lots of different companies out there so do some research and find the best prices for the service. Also double check that your insurance company doesn’t provide you with a breakdown service as part of your policy, that way you’re not paying for it twice.

Maintain Your Windscreen

The windscreen of your car can be pricey to replace, and it’s of course very necessary to the car! If a stone or piece of material chips your windscreen, instead of letting it turn into a crack (which it eventually will) use a company like to nip the problem in the bud. They can seal it with a special material so that it’s good as new, it’s not expensive and certainly a lot cheaper than replacing the entire windscreen! Make sure windows are properly de-misted before driving off, as if your vision is obstructed you could cause an accident. Not only is this dangerous but your car insurance could go right up too.

Adjust Your Driving Style

Fuel is expensive, and not only that but it’s bad for the environment too. Making small changes to the way you drive will mean you get more for your money every time you fill the tank. Remove any excess weight from the car, things like roof racks when they’re not in use and unnecessary things in the back or boot. Don’t drive with your windows open as this creates drag and means the car needs more fuel to move forward. Not over revving the car will also save on fuel. None of these are difficult to do, so if you’re in bad habits try to make a change. It will mean having to stop for fuel less often and over the space of months or a year can really make a big difference.

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