Six Ways to an Effective Direct Target Marketing

Marketing competition has gotten stiffer in recent years, and this means that businesses have to be more proactive in terms of reaching out to their target markets. In recent years however, more and more people are becoming increasingly defensive when being directly promoted with products and services. The direct “Buy now!” approach is slowly being seen as ineffective and marketers are now looking for ways to sell to markets without needing to make it a direct effort.

Does this mean, then, that due to the changing preference of today’s consumers, is direct marketing now obsolete?

Apparently, this isn’t so. In fact, the 2015 report from The Direct Marketing Association shows that segmented and targeted promotions using emails can generate up to 58% of all revenue of many B2B and B2C companies during that year. This goes to show that, even if a part of consumers are being thrown away by direct marketing, there are still a significant portion that are open to the strategy, provided that they are first welcome to that particular method.

It is interesting to note that this may be due to a simple peek in the psychology of marketing. Consumers who do not need to buy in the first place will not respond to any marketing tactics now, but will be so when they are ready to make a purchase. On the other hand, those who are already actively looking for a purchase are easier to convince and sell to, especially with direct target marketing.

With the help of new digital channels like emails, social media, and business blogging, direct targeting marketing can take a step further in reaching a bigger, broader clientele and achieve more sales. In this infographic by Harris Myers Business Development, we explore the six ways to an effective direct target marketing.




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