Slay That Outfit: 6 Wardrobe Must-Haves That Will Boost Your Self-Confidence

Once in awhile, a girl must have a boost in her self-esteem and needs to wear an outfit which can raise her confidence. You surely have those days where you wake up and aren’t feeling good about yourself. There might be certain instances between your morning coffee or late night snack where you decided that you already lost your confidence, and you need some help to get it back.

If you need a little bit of help to feel better about yourself, a killer outfit can make you attain that boost in self-esteem. However, you might think “What type of outfits can exactly reach that goal?” So, here are some wardrobe ideas that will help you increase your self-confidence.

Leather Jacket Over Anything

Wearing a leather jacket is the basic style for being a cool girl. It’s effortless to wear, goes with any boyfriend jeans or fancy evening gowns, and can act as a security blanket when you go somewhere which can be intimidating. A leather jacket can help you give out a particular persona which can make other people believe that confidence is real and they can see it in you.

A Skittish Skirt

You might already have many pieces of clothing which are versatile, and which you can mix and match with other pieces, but still don’t disgrace the power of a good, skittish skirt. It might not complement perfectly with every piece in your wardrobe, and you might not wear it for all gatherings, but a frivolous skirt is something that can immediately increase a gal’s mood.

A Well-Created Knit With Jeans

There is something special about a well-made, snuggly knit that just boosts your self-confidence. The reason must be because it provides you those comfortable, relaxed feeling that mellows you out, or because you know that there is no embarrassing fashion faux pas which can happen while you wear it. So, wearing a cozy knit can certainly raise your confidence levels.

A Pair of Well-Made Pants

Dress pants are perfect to have because they work in several ways. It can’t only make you look polished when paired with button-downs or blazers, but it can also add a pleasing contrast when paired with casual pieces like crop tops or chunky knits.

You might have to spend an extra twenty bucks, but it will surely take your confidence a long way. So upgrade your pants from just good slacks to well-tailored trousers, and your mood will certainly thank you for it!

A Go-To Dress

An excellent dress can entirely change your day around. And it doesn’t need to be a bombshell dress as well because it can just be your favorite dress that you can easily reach on normal days.

But how can a simple dress lighten up your mood? First, it’s effortless to wear, because you just need to throw it over your head, slip on a pair of shoes, and you’re all done. Secondly, you might have received some compliments before while wearing that specific dress, so every time you put it on, you can feel those same feeling of getting complimented.

A Killer Pair of Comfy Heels

Don’t wear heels if you feel like Bambi in stilettos, because the “easy to walk in” is the most important thing to consider in choosing the ideal shoes. So feel free to switch your heels for your favorite, fabulous flats or sneakers if you want to be more comfortable. Plus, you can always also wear manageable one-inch stilettos, block heels, or thick platform selections for more comfy added height.

Whenever you need to boost your confidence on a certain day, you can wear an excellent pair of heels or any pair of fantastic shoes and get ready to feel like you could nail it.


Being confident and loving yourself is important. Dressing in a way that shows your personality can surely raise your confidence level. Updating your wardrobe can transform the way you feel about yourself. So start browsing some online fashion destinations like French Connection or shop at the nearest clothing store and prepare to level up your confidence with your new fashion sense.


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