Slow Day at Work? Five Ways To Beat the Boredom

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So that big conference has been and gone. All your meetings have been cancelled last minute. Maybe your industry is in hibernation this month. Perhaps the boss is out-of-office for the week and you just don’t feel like working flat out!

Whatever the reason, you’re having a slow day at work today and you’re getting a bit …bored. Don’t worry, it happens. but we’ve got you covered.

Check out the list below for some fun-packed ideas to make this slow day go just that little bit faster.

Treat Your Co-Workers

If you’re feeling bored, chances are your co-workers are too. And nothing makes work-life that little more endurable than making friends with the people around you and having a bit of fun.

So why not take a minute to cheer up your co-workers with a treat. This could be something small like getting a round of teas and coffees in. Or, you could go bigger and order in some cakes and sweets, or offer to give a helping hand on someone else’s workload.

If there’s someone in the office feeling glum, make an effort to pay them a compliment, ask if you can get them anything, or bring them some flowers to cheer them up.

If everyone seems a little restless, why not launch an office-wide game that everyone can get involved in.

Give Your Desk A Makeover

Does your desk look a little like a bomb hit it? Maybe it’s just looking a bit drab. Either way, down-time in the office is a great opportunity to turn your working space into something you can be proud of.

Take a moment to go through papers and files, get rid of everything you don’t need and organise the things you do. Invest in some new folders and stationery and declutter as much as possible.

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If you have a bit of room, getting yourself a low-maintenance plant can bring a nice splash of colour to your desk, whilst also increasing oxygen levels in the office and purifying the air. Lots of plant varieties are easy to take care of and can manage in low light, so are the perfect office companion.

Maybe collect together some nice photos, pictures and motivational messages to cover dull walls, get yourself a stash of sweets for your tea break, and make sure you have a comfy, supportive chair.

Play Some Online Games

Maybe you don’t feel like socialising today or perhaps you’re the only one in the office. If you need something exciting to keep yourself occupied with no one to chat to, why not get involved in some online games?

Gaming is a great way to let off some steam and deal with stress. All you need to do is check out what’s happening in the world of games, pick the perfect game for your mood, sit back, and have a swell day.

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If you’re more of a betting man (or woman) you could spend the afternoon making some extra cash on the Big Top slots, or placing a well-researched bet on the football. No guarantee you won’t go home a couple bucks short but hey, you’ll have had a fun day at work.

5 Minute Dance Party

Last but by no means least, the ultimate office-place boredom cure that everyone can enjoy. The Five Minute Dance Party.

Nothing beats five minutes of vigorously dancing to your favourite cheesy retro pop and getting paid for it. It’s a great way to get your heart rate up, will immediately lift your mood, and if you can persuade anyone else to get involved – you can cheer a few other people up too.

And there we have it! Work can be boring sometimes, but it does have to be. Use these tips as a jump-off for turning an off-day into an opportunity to have some fun.

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