Smart Home Improvements For A More Energy Efficient House


Doing your bit for the environment used to mean remembering to put your papers and plastics in a recycling bin. However, these days, we need to do a lot more. With energy costs being such a costly necessity and scary environmental concerns dominating the news, most homeowners and future homeowners are on the lookout for properties that make as little impact as possible. To cut costs and boost the value of your home, here are six home improvements you can make.

Replace The Old Boiler

Inefficient boilers use much more energy than they need to keep your home warm. In fact, they use so much that they can easily add hundreds on top of your heating bills. Having your boiler serviced regularly is the best way to keep it working it’s best. However, if yours is ten or more years old, you may need to replace it with a newer model to reduce your carbon footprint.

Lay Down Attic Insulation

After spending so much to keep your home warm, the last thing that you want is for this heat to be lost to the outdoors. Because heat rises, fixing roof leaks and other issues can stop this from happening. If you need roof repairs, check out the Tamko roofing program, offering rewards to roofing contractors. Laying down attic insulation can also make a huge difference to your bills.


Fit Double Glazing Windows

While heat does rise, this doesn’t stop it from escaping from other places in your home, particularly around windows. If you don’t already have double glazing fitted, you’ll be amazed to see how much it can save you in the long run. The initial investment can be quite high, of course, but the amount of heat it traps inside your home means you make that money back in no time.

Upgrade The Kitchen Equipment

As the heart of the home, most home buyers pay a little extra attention to kitchens. Because of this, you’ll need to make sure that you focus on improving this area. If you intend to sell your home with all of the appliances, investing in more efficient models can make your property more attractive. What’s more, it will also cut energy costs and save you money in the meantime.

Switch Up Your Lighting

Unless you plan to navigate your home in the dark each night, you’re going to need to use some energy to light your way. However, that does not mean that you should spend quite so much money doing so. By switching to more energy efficient light bulbs and fixtures, you can significantly reduce your lighting costs. You can also do so by leaving lights off during the day.


Consider Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels allow you to generate some of your own power, rather than paying for it to be provided by energy companies. This essentially means that you can heat or light your home for free. If you have any energy left over, you can also sell this back to the grid. Installing solar panels isn’t cheap, but, if you intend to use them for years, you can make your money back in time.

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, consider the home improvements listed above.

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