Smart Tech For a Balanced Lifestyle

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In our hyper connected world, everyone’s on 24-hours a day and the idea of striking a work/life balance is becoming less and less realistic. More and more statistics are pointing to the fact that we are finding increasingly tough to switch off at the end of a working day.

In this blog, we’re taking a look at how rather than adding to the burden, smart tech can in fact help decrease our workload and aid us in unwinding and finding a good night’s sleep.

Using Your Smartphone

You might already find yourself glued to your iPhone each and every day but if you’re looking at a little help in putting the phone down then, as you might expect, there’s an app for that!

How about starting with Focus Booster an app that helps you to track your daily tasks and stay focussed on them until their done. No flitting between social media and emails, just a timer that you set that will help you stay on task until it’s done.

Track your achievements for added motivation and you’ll spend less time on the screen and more time flying through your workload. The beauty of this app is that it applies to anyone who works in a project or task-based environment. You might be a freelance writer aiming to complete 2,000 words in a morning or be an administrator for high voltage supplies, with a series of invoices to send off. This will help you get it done.

Think Smart

Are you a part of the internet of things? You’ll know if you are when you can tell your smart speaker to dim the lights, turn off the television and so on. Quite simply if you’re connected devices are sending and receiving messages to and from each other, you’re part of the IoT. Rather than just using this for entertainment, set your speaker to do tasks such as shutting down the wifi at a certain time in your evening and forcing you into some device-free relaxation.

Similarly get Alexa to help you start forming a bedtime routine that’s going to help you get your best night’s sleep ever. Start early with a dimming of the lights, television off and some relaxing music as you prepare for bedtime. Make this a regular habit and you’ll transform your working day as you find yourself firing on all cylinders, ready for a day’s work.

We live in a fast-paced, hectic world and there’s almost no chance of ever truly finding a work/life balance, very often because we don’t want to. But if using smart tech and some guided technology helps just part of that process, then it’s well worth it.

Find apps that tell you when it’s time to ditch the desk for five minutes and stretch your legs. Apps that schedule in a workout or count your steps and apps that keep you focused and on task. Take your tech home with a system that takes the decision to unwind out of your hands, with scheduled nightly tasks.

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