How Social Networks Can Help Get You a Date!

The more connected the world gets online, the less many people know how to meet people and socialize in the real world. There is a whole generation growing up now that knows more about what celebrities on Snapchat are doing, rather than what their classmates, coworkers or neighbors are up to.

The Downside

In one way, that’s kind of sad because when you want to meet someone, or make new friends, or business contacts or even find some romance, what are the chances you will meet someone at the local coffeeshop or bookstore or organic food market. They are probably slim, and nowadays when you approach a stranger people react as if you might rob or spit at them. It’s almost comical, no one likes picking up the phone or opening the door when someone tries to drop by. Overall, our culture is becoming less social and less extroverted and more closed off and turned in on itself.

The good thing could be that people are spending more time working on themselves and contemplating their existences, but that’s probably just a cover for what they are really doing: spending all their free time online.


The Upside

If almost everyone is online, and even if they have limited social profiles, from Facebook  to Instagram to LinkedIn and Twitter, that means you can connect with people almost on almost every aspect of their life. Instead of using dating sites to meet complete strangers and taking their word, you can do a little research, and see that what people present in their dating profiles is actually different from the actual life they are leading. And their social media profiles usually display everything!

So why use the middle man, why not skip the dating site altogether and just go straight for where all the juicy info is. Social media is where people are active and where you can connect with potential mates and dates, live. Dating profiles are static and you have to look, the message, then wait for a response. Maybe some sites have a live chat, but you have to wait to see who’s online before you can engage someone in a conversation. When you use social media, because the way smart phones are set up, they’ll get an instant notification of your friend request or message, and you can start connecting from there. You find out pretty fast if someone is into you too, based on your social profile.

Social media is a great way not to just follow celebrities on Snapchat, but find real people who can follow and slowly get to know, and maybe make a real connection with. You can see what groups they follow, who they know, what they do in their free time and how they look in all lights, that if someone really appeals to you, you can reach out, and when you actually talk, it will be like you already know them.

When it comes to dating, what advantage is better than that? So use social media as your dating cheat sheet to meet people who will actually be into you too.



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