Social Networks Can Ruin Relationships… Here’s How!

Unless you want to date a cowboy, monk or a hermit, everyone else you encounter who’s single and available will most likely be on social media. Nowadays everyone has their whole life posted online so it’s easy to see what people are up to, and how they advertise themselves, and sell their image online.


Social networks admittedly are a great way to stay connected and make new contacts and peer into the wider world, without leaving your location, but they way that most people are using it these days, it’s not a tool, but more like an obsession. There are many people so connected to their smartphones, that they rarely put them down, and are not separated from them longer than five minutes.

So, when you first start dating someone, or just meet someone via social media or through a friend, it doesn’t matter, but when you go out, and they cannot restrain themselves from checking their smartphone, or profiles etc, or just have to post a pic of their meal or of you, it can be a huge turnoff and can leave the date a total standstill. Many people don’t have digital manners, and when you go out to restaurants or clubs, all you see is groups of ‘friends’ all together at one table, but no one is speaking to each other, nor looking around – their eyes are peeled only on a shining little rectangular screen, making them miss every person that walks by.


Social media can ruin relationships, that’s an obvious one. People have broken up and even lost jobs due to a post or a like. How many times have you heard about couples that stalk each other’s social profiles, and when their partner comes home they give them the fifth degree asking about every little comment or photo posted while they were apart. That’s a lot of explaining to do, and it’s tough when every photo or comment can be taken out of context and that you cannot control what people post or say, just like in the real world.

Imagine that even before a relationship gets serious or gets started, social networks can ruin the possibility of making a bond. Imagine you meet a guy, he’s great, everything looks great and he acts really nice. But then you find out his Facebook relationship status says ‘it’s complicated’ and you keep seeing all these random woman in his posts and him getting tagged with all these women in pics, with hearts and kiss icons pasted everywhere. Are those not massive red flags? Many women would just back off, and decide this guy is too risky and unstable to get connected to. The same goes for a woman who has lots of ‘guy friends’ or has her exes as friends who keep on posting on how great she looks every time she posts a selfie before she goes out with you. The potential for turn off is so high, that so many relationships get grounded before they even take off.

Almost everyone has some kind of dating catastrophe related to online dating and social networks, since most socialization happens through them now. As long as you’re weary, and are careful about how you present yourself, you should be able to navigate the treacherous world of social networking. If can’t avoid that, then you can always choose to date a cowboy instead.





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