The Sound of Security: The Importance of Placing and Managing Fire Alarms in Your Home

Fire detectors do not only save lives. These alarms are also legally required in some countries internationally merely because installing fire alarm systems in your household is essential to home protection.

On the other hand, chances are, you do not have adequate fire alarm system in your home, perhaps none at all.

In addition to this, even if you are knowledgeable about the importance of installing detectors, sometimes you are never sure where to place it precisely. Keep in mind that one-and-done method is never sufficient for a typical household.

In case you own a rental home, it is best that you invest in fire alarm systems that together match the requirements of the law at all times. Because, in the long run, the rules of the government will always be the ones to decide if your business is fit to operate or not.

In installing fire alarm systems, make sure to the following:

  • Choose fire detectors with an identification of a distinguished testing laboratory.

  • Establish smoke alarms inside every bedroom, outside in every area for sleeping and on each level of the household, along with the basement.

  • For parts of the home without bedchambers, install fire detectors in the family room, or nearby the staircase or stairway to the higher level.

  • Fire detectors placed in the basement must be on the ceiling or at the bottom of the stairway leading to the next story of your home.

  • You must install fire detectors to at least 3 meters or 10 feet from a cooking apparatus to minimize false warnings when you are cooking.

  • Install fire detectors high on ceilings or walls (keep in mind that smoke climbs up). You must place wall-mounted detectors not higher than 12 inches away from the ceiling.

  • Do not install fire detectors near the doors, ducts or windows where drafts may impede with their action.

  • Do not ever paint your fire detectors. Stickers, paint or other designs could prevent the signals from operating.

  • There are two types of smoke alarms; photoelectric and ionization. A photoelectric fire detector typically reacts quickly to smoldering fires. Meanwhile, an ionization fire detector is known to be more responsive to burning fires. In obtaining the best scenario, opt for both types of fire alarms or combination photoelectric-ionization alarms (dual sensor fire alarm).

  • Keep the manufacturer’s manual for your source of information. If you plan on buying fire alarms, you can visit DealWiki to get an excellent deal.

In testing fire alarms systems, make sure:

  • Maintain the fire alarms according to the direction of the manufacturer.

  • Make sure to test the alarms at least once a month to utilize the test switch.

  • Make certain that everybody in the household is knowledgeable on the sound of the fire alarm and knows how to react.

  • Clean the fire alarms according to the instructions of the manufacturer to keep the alarms operating well. You can find the instructions along with the package or on the internet.

  • Fire alarms need a new battery yearly. If the alarm makes a short and high-pitched sound, it indicates that the battery is low, and it is best to replace the battery immediately.


Smoke detectors are seriously under-appreciated because they do not come cheap and will only be of help when a fire occurs. However, it is wise to know that a fire, most of the time, occurs in places and moments where you do not expect the most. In addition to this, sometimes, there are no remedies to the damage caused by fire. Bottomline, the safety of your family in your home, is always a top priority because your loved ones are priceless.

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