Speeding Up Your Business With Tech

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A speedier company gets more done in a week than its competitors. However, working faster shouldn’t require working harder. Quite often technology can be used to speed up processes with minimal effort. Here are just a few ways you could be taking more advantage of tech.

Virtually attend meetings

Whilst it can be a nice reason to get out of the office, travelling to a meeting can take up a whole day, resulting in less getting done. Many companies are now resorting to video communication software to cut out this time spent travelling. This gives you the advantages of face-to-face communication that you don’t get on the phone without having to leave your office. You can talk to multiple people via video messaging and even set up online conferences. You may even be able to give a presentation via video or organise a tour. This can be a great time-saving alternative in many instances.

Digitise all your mail

Letters and faxing have long been replaced by email, but some companies still haven’t fully embraced the potential of digital technology. Instead of sending hefty attachments, large files can now be shared easily over the cloud. Contracts and letters that may need to be signed also needn’t be done using physical mail services as there are now document signing apps that can be used for this purpose.

Create your own company software

Creating software for your company can help you to better arrange your business infrastructure. Calendars, rotas, wage slips, online training and work plans can all be put in the same place rather than spread out over different programmes. This could be used to greatly speed up the efficiency of your company. Many software develops offer model based systems engineering, seeing your software through from the basic design stage to the development and testing stages. Having all this included could save costs and speed up the development process.

Make use of apps

If your company requires you to often be on the go, there may be apps that you can download to your phone to continue your work as your travel. This might allow you to do your accounting or finish a presentation on the way to see a client. Apps can also be used to better make use of your commute. If you’re running behind on a project and have to take a long train journey in the morning to work, why not get started on the train using an app.

Outsource assistants over the web

Some tasks might not require hiring a new full time member of staff. Many companies are now outsourcing certain roles such as IT support or even secretary work. There are companies that will give you a virtual assistant to take calls for you or handle staff enquiries or even check your inbox whilst you get on with more pressing matters. This could help alleviate some of the workload without having to burden another employee or pay loads to hire a new staff member.

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