Spending Too Much On Car Repairs?

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Are you spending too much money on car repairs? Here are a few tips for spending less at the mechanics.

Use the right mechanic

It’s important that you find a mechanic who you trust and who doesn’t charge extortionate prices. Take the time to shop around for local mechanics – collect multiple quotes and check online reviews. Less reputable mechanics tend to charge less. Don’t be tempted into using their services – you could spend more in the long run if they botch up repairs or fail to detect problems.

Know when to replace your car

If you’re spending money on frequent repairs, it could be a sign that you need to replace your car. Consider the mileage and age of your car – an old car with lots of miles on the clock is likely to have a lot more faults. By buying a more reliable vehicle, you won’t have to go to the mechanic as frequently and could solve the problem. Use trusted dealers when looking for used cars and try to opt for reliable brands. You may be able to scrap your current car for cash – you won’t get a lot of money, but it will be a small something to put towards a new vehicle.

Drive less aggressively

An aggressive style of driving – including fast acceleration and fast braking – can wear out parts more quickly. Try to train yourself to drive more smoothly and see if this has any impact on the number of issues that your car gets. Even small habits such as how you shift gears and use the handbrake can have an impact on the wear and tear of your vehicle. Then of course there’s the added likeliness of accidents as a result of driving aggressively, which could further add to your repair bills.

Get faults checked early

Ignoring faults can cause them to get worse. In some cases, problems can have a knock-on effect, leading to extra issues that require more extensive repairs – a worn brake pad could damage your tires and possibly cause your car to pull to one side, affecting the suspension. By getting problems seen to early and fixing them, you could spend a lot more in the long run. Signs that you shouldn’t ignore include warning lights, strange noises, sticky gears or pulling to one side.

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