Standing Against Cars On Two-Wheels

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When it comes to our roads, cars have long been in the driving seat. They’re big, fast, and badass. Hence, they cruise along and, for the most part, make the rules of the road. If you’ve driven a small car before, you’ll know that more than anyone. People in big cars are, often, bullies.

But, roads have changed in recent years. Now, more people than ever are riding bicycles or motorbikes instead. These are cheap ways to get around. And they’re better for the environment. Sadly, those big cars still think they’re boss. What’s more, they’re throwing their weight around to prove the point. Drivers and cyclists come to blows all the time, and those on motorbikes don’t get a much better deal.

However, we think it’s past time cars made room for the rest of us. So, here are a few ways you can find your two-wheeled place on the road.

Know what you’re doing

First, ensure you know what you’re doing. Motorcyclists take tests, so this shouldn’t be an issue. But, for cyclists, things aren’t as straight-cut. Still, you don’t want to give drivers a reason to pick on you. As such, you need to make sure you’re doing everything by the book. And, that means doing your research. Find out the arm signals you need to give from sites like Take time, too, to learn basic road rules. You might not have known undercutting is no-no, but that car will rage at you all the same. Continually breaking such rules is sure to divide cars and their counterparts further. So, make sure this isn’t a mistake you’re making.

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Protect yourself

When it comes to protecting yourself as a bike rider of any kind, there are a few steps to take. For one, invest in safety gear. Car drivers will always be at an advantage. They have a nice protective casing all around them. As such, you’re going to come off worse from any car/bike altercations. If a car decides to knock you off, for instance, you’ll be in big trouble. So, stock up on helmets, protective outerwear, and even gloves. If anything does happen, it’s also crucial you contact a lawyer like the ones found at Motorcyclists especially are generally given a hard deal when it comes to accidents. It’s crucial you find someone who can show car drivers they don’t hold all the power.

Stand your ground

It’s also crucial you stand your ground on the road. When a hefty Land Rover pulls up beside your bike and tries to intimidate you, it’s tempting to let them. After all, they have size on their side. Just one of those wheels could crush you. But, cars won’t stop thinking they own the roads unless we do something to stop them. That means not making way for vehicles who get too close, and not letting them shunt you into the ditch. You have as much right as they do to be on the road. Prove it.

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