Steps to take Before Getting Married

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Before you get married, it’s important to take the time to make sure you really know the person that you plan to marry. There are many people who make the mistake of assuming that the person they love would never lie to them and is exactly who they claim to be.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, though. There are times when a person can claim that they are someone else or that they don’t have issues in their past, only for someone to find out later on down the road that the person they married is not who they thought they were. The guide that follows walks you through a few things you need to do before you get married to ensure you can have peace of mind when the big day arrives.

Run a Background Check on the Person

It’s important to know if the person that you plan to marry has a criminal history to ensure that you can make an informed decision about if they are right for you or not. You may not want to marry someone who has multiple assaults, sexual battery, or theft on their criminal record.

Taking the time to run a background check as it allows you to know if they have any major personality flaws that should serve as red flags to you or if they are as squeaky clean as they claim to be.

If you find anything troublesome on their criminal history, be sure to confront them about it in front of other people, especially if it involves anything dangerous or violent. This is to ensure that you don’t put yourself at risk of being injured during the confrontation.

Have a Health Screening Done the Person

You need to be sure that the person you’re marrying doesn’t have any diseases about which you don’t know. Have him or her go to a doctor to have a health screening done. The doctor can test for all sexually transmitted diseases so that way you know you’re entering into a relationship that is disease free and safe from a medical standpoint. If your loved one comes up positive for a disease, you need to assess if you’re okay with the disease they have or if it’s something you are not willing to risk contracting.

There are many treatments available for most diseases that are in the world today. Some aren’t curable though and can cause you to get very sick and even die. Taking the time to find out if the person you want to marry has any diseases ensures that you are protecting yourself to the fullest.

Have a Drug Test Administered

Living with someone who is a drug addict can be very difficult; drugs often ruin marriages. Ensure that your loved one isn’t taking any drugs without your knowledge by having them take a drug test through a professional testing facility. A blood test will be able to let you know if they have any drugs in their system at all and exactly what the drugs are. This allows you to know if the person is hiding any drug use from you.

Check The Person’s Credit Score

Many people don’t think to check the credit score of the person they plan to marry, but if you want to be able to have a solid future with them, you need to know that they are responsible and can pay their bills on time. Someone who has a horrible credit score and owes a lot of money to a lot of different companies could be a liability to marry. Once you’re married, you’ll be responsible for any debt that is accrued during the marriage. That means you could be responsible for paying off the future debt they rack up.

Have a Prenup Created

If you want to be sure that the person isn’t able to take money from you if the marriage doesn’t work out, have a prenup created. Simply search online for “family attorneys near me” to find an attorney that can create the prenup for you. You want to have a professional create it for you to make sure it’s legally binding and that you include every detail that should be included in it. The attorney will have experience creating the prenups, so you can rest assure that there aren’t going to be any loopholes in it at all.

Meet the Person’s Family

Before you tie the knot with someone, you need to take the time to at least meet their family a few times—you can tell a lot about a person by meeting their family. You want to know what their background was like, how they grow up, and if there are any issues you need to be aware of about the person that you’re marrying. A family will often give you intricate details about a person that you can’t find out on your own.

Establish a Financial Plan

Before you get married, you need to be sure that you and your spouse reach an agreement for a financial plan after you both are married. You need to establish if you’re going to have a joint account or separate bank accounts and who will be responsible for paying what bills. This will cut down on a lot of arguments later on down the road, especially if you and your future spouse have already reached an agreement as to how finances will be handled long before you even get married.

Being prepared before getting married is important. You want to be sure that you can trust the person fully and taking the time to learn everything about them that you possibly can will help bring about a peace of mind that you need.

Understand that you need to be willing to take a health screening, drug test, sign a prenup, and introduce the person to your family too; a marriage works both ways. Your spouse deserves to have the same peace that you will have after everything is said and done.

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