Is There Still A Place For A Lawyer In Your Life?

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Recent figures from the American Bar Association suggest there are 1.3 million lawyers in the United States. That might seem a lot, but this figure seems to be a drop from just a couple of years earlier. According to The National Association for Law Placement, fewer law students are making their way through college, and it is thought that 11 percent of graduates remain unemployed. Where have all the lawyers gone?

The wealth of information online might be one reason why fewer people are consulting lawyers for general legal advice. Some law firms were quick to jump on this preference for instant impersonal information. Many have set up services like online chat, blogs, and ebooks to provide the basics most people are looking for. However, there are plenty of times in life when having a lawyer is either essential or highly recommended.

Property law is just one part of buying a house but can easily become the most expensive. Property transactions are often wrapped up with in-depth contracts. It would be almost impossible to navigate this transaction without formal legal advice. Corporate law is perhaps the biggest grossing area of the law in the United States today. No business should risk trading without one.

Of course, there are times when you might feel adequately informed and empowered to represent yourself legally. Amicable divorces can be completed for the most part online with limited legal professional help. But when it comes to criminal law, it is highly recommended you seek and retain legal representation. If you look at the Tulsa Criminal Attorney website, you’ll see a long list of criminal charges where it makes sense to have a professional on your side. The repercussions of losing a trial for these charges could be life changing.

Are there too many lawyers in the country? Some may think so, yet tens of thousands of law students continue to pour out of the doors of the most reputable law schools. Tuition alone might cost around $50,000 per year. This certainly puts even the brightest candidates off. So why are there still so many lawyers out there? If there weren’t the demand for legal representation, then there would not be so many options out there.

In your lifetime, you are likely to need or want a lawyer at least five times. It might all start with your trust fund. Perhaps you have a brush with the law during your wild years as a teen? Then there is that first step on the property ladder and your prenuptial agreement. With nearly one in two marriages ending in divorce, perhaps things need more formal dividing? Now you’ve got kids, and they need a trust fund. Have you formalized your Will yet? Have you inherited? The list goes on. Can you really do all this yourself online?

Life without a lawyer might seem like a cost-free option. The reality is that you could be costing yourself a lot more than money by trying to tackle centuries of legislation and precedents on your own.


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