Supreme Service – The Ultimate Serviced Office Guide


Business can be tough, especially if you are just starting out. You have a lot on your mind to keep track of whether it is the rental lease, making profits, the need to hire an employee or budget reports. All of this takes a toll on the business owner in the Philippines, or anywhere for that matter.

A different approach to business that will leave you with fewer struggles is to investigate serviced office solutions. Serviced offices can be researched at This in-depth website will give you a lot of information to consider regarding your business and how this approach can assist you.

Continue reading below to discover what you need for the ultimate serviced office.

Ideal Location

One of the best ways to show your prestige and credibility in the Philippines is to set up shop at the perfect place. Ayala Avenue in Metro Manila is an ideal location to do business, as it will earn you respect and trust from both clients and other business people alike. When guests and clients walk into your lobby, they will be greeted with beautiful interior styling with leather furniture, original artwork, granite flooring, and gorgeous views. You will be in the heart of the business district as well so you will not be passed up when it comes to your goods and services.

Needed assistance

One of the many struggles of a small business owner is not having enough hands or bodies to do all the work of a growing company. Instead of having to think about hiring employees, offering benefits and sick leave as well as interviews, check into serviced office solutions. You will receive a top-notch, experienced team that you can mould into what you need them to be.

You will have access to a courier to send and deliver parcels and packages to their destinations. You will also have a dedicated receptionist to greet your clients as take your telephone calls. In addition, you will have two to three Servcorp team members per location to assist you in your endeavours and support your new business.


The technology that comes with a serviced office is fantastic. It is cutting edge and industry standard. You will have up to 1GB of fibre internet connection so your speed will be smoking fast. You will have access to a management portal that allows you to control your telecoms. In addition, you will get fully functioning office equipment such as printers, copiers, and fax machines. Videoconferencing is available, and if you had any trouble with it or any other tech within the building, there is an in-house desktop IT support team that can assist your every need.


The last advantage of a serviced office is a small risk that you take on. Instead of signing a year or multi-year lease with an office rental for just the property, you can sign a month-to-month contract with your servicer. That way if you have a significant life issue come up and cannot tend to the business any longer, you are not stuck in a lease you cannot get out of. In addition, you have less risk because you do not have to take any employees on. You will have a professional receptionist who is dedicated to your business needs.

Why should you consider a serviced office approach?

If you are a business owner, then you know how much work goes into the business. You are not yet profitable to hire an employee, but yet you need more people than just yourself to help with the work, as it can be so overwhelming. With a serviced office, you get all the functionality of a well-oiled office without the hassle of setting it up or paying for it yourself. You will receive a dedicated receptionist that will greet all your clients and guests as well as manage your telephone calls.

In addition, you will have a beautiful location with the view of the mountains or the harbour. You will also have a well-respected address, which will lend you prestige and credibility. You will receive industry standard high tech fibre internet connection along with video conferencing and the most reliable communications. Lastly, you can contract month-by-month. Instead of having to take out a multi-year lease, you have very low risk to run your business the way you see fit!

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