The Most Surprising Uses Of Smartphones Today

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The rise of the smartphone is a testament to the more general trends in the world of technology today. Now, the majority of people have smartphones. What’s more, they are generally carried around everywhere people go. We all know that the smartphone offers the user a great many daily advantages – after all, that is why they are so popular. However, there are certain uses of the smartphone which might surprise you. Similarly, there are some things which you would be surprised to hear work quite well. In this post, we will look at some of the most surprising uses of the smartphone. Let’s take a look.

Assistive Light

This is something which first started appearing on phones about five years ago. However, the power and effectiveness of this app has become better and better as time goes on. Now, the assistive light on your phone can be used as a fairly powerful torch. The potential applications of the assistive light are many. Indeed, it is hard to name them all. However, one thing is for sure. This is soon to be the kind of thing that you will find people expecting on their devices. It’s easy to see why – it is useful in many circumstances, and it makes use of pre-existing features on the phone.

Watching Movies

There are an increasing number of free movie apps year after year. With each new addition, the process of watching movies on mobile becomes easier and easier. The most surprising thing about this is not that the technology is there, but how well it works. It might not sound like watching movies on a phone would be viable. Yet, it is perfectly possible, and with improvements in quality it becomes more and more enjoyable too.


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Controlling A Television

Sometimes, a use is invented for the smartphone which almost seems like magic. Now, you can use your phone to control your television like a remote control. If you are wondering how this could be possible, it is actually relatively straightforward. More and more smartphones are being designed with an in-built infrared port so that you can use it as a remote straight away. Usually, all you need to do is enter the manufacturer of your TV, and you are away. This can be a great solution for all those times you lose the remote

Reading Your Pulse

Yes, you read that right. Believe it or not, you can now even use your phone to read your pulse. This clever app requires you to place your finger or thumb over the camera and flash at the same time. The app then reads your pulse according to the image taken from the camera. While this sounds like science fiction, it is a reality and it is here today. According to those who are in the know, this app is also incredibly accurate. If you are ever in need to know your pulse when out and about, then rest assured there is a quick and easy solution.


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