Switch to Solar Power – The Cost Saving Benefits of Commercial Solar

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Solar power is far from a new concept and has quickly been gaining popularity with businesses across Australia in recent years. Switching to solar power has allowed businesses to not only lower their energy bills but also enjoy a whole host of other benefits, such as a better company image and even an improvement in employee morale.

Although there may be an initial cost associated with moving to solar power, business owners need to look at this as in investment rather than as an expense. With solar power, you’re investing in a positive future for your company in many different ways. Ultimately, you will be lowering your monthly bills, increasing your profits and potentially even making additional income from the energy you produce.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can save your company money and enjoy a positive financial future by making the switch to solar.

Does Solar Power Save Money?

Anyone considering a change in energy providers is advised to review their individual situation and evaluate the costs and benefits that can be drawn from changing energy providers. This is the same when it comes to switching to solar power. If you’re considering using commercial solar power in your business, you need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages for your company.

Firstly, installing solar panels on any building will incur costs. It is inevitable. A new energy infrastructure must be paid for and therefore the installation of photovoltaic (PV) cells will require an initial investment. However, with falling prices of solar panels throughout the market and ever increasing grid electricity costs, it is well worth evaluating whether solar power could save you money.

Once solar panels are installed, the costs stop. There are no monthly or termly bills to be paid and no increasing tariffs year-on-year. Solar panels must be cleaned annually with a simple spraying down in order to maintain them at optimal levels, however, this maintenance is extremely simple and cost-effective.

Additionally, once a business has their own solar grid, they no longer need to pay for use of national grid electricity, instead, they could be entitled to receive what is known as a feed-in tariff for the extra energy they donate to the grid through the use of solar panels.

Another cost-effective impact of solar panels for users are the possible tax rebates or credits offered. These can differ from state to state and it is well worth your time and money to investigate further whether or not you could benefit from these money-back government schemes.

How Can Solar Energy Benefit My Business?

In addition to direct financial benefits, solar energy brings businesses other long-term savings that can be advantageous to a company in different ways.

Due to the well-known fact that sustainable energy is environmentally friendly, the commercial use of solar panels promotes a sense of social responsibility for a business. Offsetting carbon emissions and greenhouse gases by using solar energy demonstrates that a business is green and taking an interest in the environment and the future. This is an exceptional marketing tool and can be wielded in business to assist in creating a loyal customer following as well as in developing a newfound sense of loyalty among staff, who will feel proud to work in a place that invests in their future.

Additionally, due to the growing instability of grid electricity throughout Australia, switching to solar power can provide a manageable and more predictable future for your residence or business.

Make The Switch To Solar Power

Commercial solar can help businesses and individuals in a variety of ways, economically and socially, so it is no surprise that the use of solar energy has increased at such an alarming rate in the last decade.

Australia is steadily making the switch to solar power because of the huge benefits that solar energy can offer. We all know that renewable energies are the future so why wait any longer? The truth is that coal and other fossil fuels are burning out fast and cannot be sustained for much longer, which is why renewable energies such as wind, hydro, and solar power are gaining popularity fast.

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