The Tech That Helps Organisations Stay Connected

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For any organisation, whether it’s a church group, small business or school, communication is vital. Everyone within a particular organisation needs to stay in touch with one another and relay messages. When people are connected, an organisation can run and operate in a much cleaner and more efficient way. There will be much less confusion, and there will be no problems with miscommunication, which can cause huge problems and delays. So, if your organisation is not yet using technology in order to stay connected, it’s time for that to change.

Directory Apps

Directory apps are useful because they allow organisations to share updates with large groups of people. As long as everyone has the relevant app, and they’re logged on, they will get alerts from the other people in the organisation. This is so much more direct and effective than sending out group emails that often take time to get read by everyone. A good online school directory can help teachers and employees get alerts that need to be read before the following day’s classes. This kind of app can be just as effective for any kind of business in which changes can occur quickly. When everyone’s attention needs to be grabbed quickly, there is no better way of doing it than via directory apps. The best ones are customisable and very secure in order to counter external threats.

Video Calls

Video calls are essential when you need to communicate with someone in a one on one way. It’s not always suitable for people to be in the same place at the same time. And many charitable organisations don’t have one base where everyone works. For any group of people that is spread out, video calls can help to have discussions rapidly and successfully. In many cases, these video calls allow people like you to get problems resolved quickly. Email conversations can drag on for too long. But when two people are talking face to face, each has the other’s full attention. This is essential because it means that things can’t be ignored. So, if you need to communicate in this way, take advantage of platforms such as Skype that make it easy. Skype also offers a platform specifically for businesses and organisations.

Data Sharing Sites

When files and documents need to be shared with other people, data sharing sites are essential. Sites such as Dropbox and other Dropbox Competitors allow you to upload and download documents quickly and securely. And only people who are authorised to do so are able to access this data. So, you don’t have to worry about security or leaks. In most cases, these data sharing platforms are much more secure and safe than ordinary email accounts. So, it might be time for your organisation to ditch email and start using these platforms to share important files and documents. It makes sharing things with a large group of people easier than it has ever been before. And those files can be accessed no matter where the other people are in the world.


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