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Marketing a product or service by a business is one of the most essential aspects of modern marketing techniques. How a company promotes their product says a lot about their ethos as a business, their ability to communicate with their target market and their overall success. There are new and exciting ways to sell products. There is modern tech like social media such as Facebook and video sites like YouTube. So there are many different approaches to getting a product out there to your audience. Here are ways that technology is making a big impact on marketing and advertising.

Live Video Streaming

It’s hard to escape products like Netflix and YouTube now. So why not make it part of your marketing strategy. If you are using apps to communicate to your business and are not having much luck, this could be because the attention span of an audience is significantly reduced. Things can be dismissed with the simple flick of the finger and immediately they are onto a new page for a new app. If this is a problem that your business faces have a look at what you can do in the video streaming market. It is an excellent way to share your product and to have interaction with your customer base. Many companies and brands have been experimenting with this type of marketing trends for quite a while now. So it may be time for you to join the trend too.


Instagram has become a very popular method to advertise products to customers. In the modern world, how people get their information relies on visual stimuli. And with the amount of users of Instagram all over the world it is definitely something that you need to think about if you want to communicate your business or large scale. Using Instagram, you are able to create adverts of multiple pages, or you can create video clips that last up to 30 seconds approximately. 30 seconds is the length of time of a typical television advert. So, you are able to communicate yourself and your products. So you don’t need to buy expensive television advertising time. People are getting their information more and more via their smartphones. Think about what your product can do for people via the Internet. You can look at statistics 2017 for information on content marketing statistics. Or how people get their information more these days.


This is another new way of selling products directly to app users. Pinterest is such a popular app. It is a great way to find out people’s individual interests and marketing trends. Pinterest will shortly be introducing the new promoted pins fools and animated Cinematic pin. When a user scrolls, the Cinematic pins are set in motion. But as the user stop scrolling, so does the motion. So the user is in control if they want to watch the video or not. This makes users part of the experience through the advertising. This is a giant leap forward in the world of interactive marketing.

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