Technology Jobs For The Future


The technology industry is without a doubt one of the most quickly growing and expanding industries in the world. Every single day there are more apps and software developed, websites managed, accounts created and problems solved. Technology is a great industry to get into and you should definitely consider some of these jobs this year for a lucrative career change.

Simple Programmer

To start off with, you could become a programmer and be responsible for learning coding language and understanding how to effectively solve issues. Programmers are always needed by companies and you could play a vital role in their success. It is more than worth the extra reading you have to do in the evenings because you will have a flexible job which pays amazingly.

Full stack developer

Developing is all about creating the building blocks of a new piece of software, an application or a website for a company. You will be responsible as a full stack developer for both the front and back end, and because of this, you can be paid a huge chunk of money for the work. Development is a job which will always require learning and it is an amazing job to do if you are the sort of person who gets bored easily. You’ll never get bored doing this job!

Data scientist

The name is pretty clear, and for this next job, you will be in charge of analysing data and making sense of it all in a practical context. Data scientists can be integral parts of the business world so you will most likely be able to get a job anywhere in the world and make a great wage to support yourself and your family for the future.

IT Engineer

For all of the computer experts in the world, there are 10 times as many people who don’t have a clue what they are doing when they sit down in front of their device. As an IT engineer you will be the one responsible for resolving customers issues and making sure that their computers are free of viruses. This can be an interesting job because every case is different so you will always have to think on your feet to come up with a solution to the problem. It is a job which will always keep you thinking and will also always keep you learning new skills.

Graphic designer

For something which is a little bit more on the creative rather than technical side, a good job for anyone who loves art would be a graphic designer. Graphic designers create anything from logos to banners to marketing material and they spend their days coming up with fun and new ideas. For someone who has a creative flair, this could be the ideal job role for you. You will be able to spend your time creating something new, learning about new software and also being able to see your finished product is used in the real world. It is rewarding and lucrative too.

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