Technology: Killing Society or Keeping us Alive?

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Today, technology and the innovation it has brought with it can often be prone to getting a bad rap. It might be because millennials are spending too much time on their phones; it could be that people are unhappy that the art of communication has been lost by everyone talking online rather than face to face, or because society is perceived as lazy as so much information is at the click of the button.

The media is full of horror stories about children addicted to screen time, social media allowing cyberbullying to flourish or increasing cases of anxiety and depression in teenagers – whatever it is, it never seems to be good news.

However, it is without a doubt that technology has transformed the way people live their lives and despite the adverse effects, there has been an enormous amount of positive impacts due to technology. Many of these truly outway the bad and this can be said, especially in the healthcare industry.

Advanced technology has meant an increase in knowledge for everyone. While it’s not always advisable to do so, people Google their symptoms and often find that their problem is not unique to them nor is it very serious. It’s so easy now to find information about your local doctor, where you’ll find a specialist or recipes for at-home remedies for easing a cold or a toothache. Overall, the internet has provided society with so much more education and awareness and has allowed people to take control of their health more than ever before.

The equipment used in healthcare has advanced immensely thanks to technology. Apparatus such as this portable ultrasound machine for sale which provides convenience and speed; virtual reality which has the ability to transport a doctor inside the human body; or 3D printing which can already help to build prosthetic limbs and could one day be used to print replacement kidneys and livers – all provide quicker and more effective medical treatment. Not only has technology helped with the equipment used directly on patients, but it has also meant faster results for patients and helped to speed up research as well as connecting medical professionals from all around the world to discuss their findings.

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Technology has been blamed for the loss of jobs and replacing what humans can do, but particularly in healthcare, this is not the case. Technology has meant more jobs and will continue to do so as it has only enhanced what people can do, and all the equipment and machines need specially trained people to operate them.

It’s not just patients who benefit from the technology, but it’s imperative for doctors wanting to grow their medical practice too. Today, younger patients want the convenience of being able to download their test results, so having a good website where they’re able to do this is essential. It is also helpful for surgeries to get on social media and be able to interact with their patients as well as monitor the surgery’s feedback and online presence.

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