Temptation – How It Might Be Hurting You

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For those of us who aim to live healthily and make the right decisions, temptation can prove a wilful corroding force against our discipline. This can cause problems in how confident we are to find and adopt a positive route forward.

Temptation might be hurting you. So, is it worth removing all temptation from our personal lives? Not at all, because that scenario is not sustainable. Even a person able to overcome their gambling addiction will have to walk past betting stores at some point in their life. We need to know how to adapt to and overcome those situations when they occur, not wrap ourselves up in cotton wool.

Of course, does this mean a recovering alcoholic should enter a bar to see how long they can last? Of course not. But it does mean that perhaps we need new ways of thinking about temptation, and how to bind it in service of our goals. With some of the following advice, you’ll no doubt feel the same way:

Temptation Tells You The Goal Is More Important Than The Journey

Temptation often tells you that the goal is more important than the journey. For instance, what’s the most important thing about dating someone new? Is it becoming intimate with them? Or is it the journey of getting to know them, becoming close, laughing with each other, and finding that spending time with them is important. Some people don’t understand this unless aided by the best sex therapists, or having that loving and authentic experience themselves. With a renewed mindset, you’ll learn to love every single stage of the journey, without fixating on the final point.

Deferring Your Reward

Studies have shown that children more able to defer their potential reward, that is waiting for more sweets later instead of eating the one sweet on offer now, is linked to better success in life. The ability to defer rewards and negotiate with the future is a basic power we have, learned over thousands of years. However, our evolution was not set up for that. When humans hunted food, for instance, they would need to binge because they couldn’t be certain of their next meal. Deferring your reward in this context helps you grow, in a range of ways. Considering what it is that you want most and deferring it could be a good place to start. Would it help?

Aiming For The Best Version Of You

Aiming for the best version of you is important. It gives you an ideal to consider, even if you’re not the perfect person to follow that approach just yet. For instance, you might use this ideal to avoid snacking in the evening, or tell yourself to exercise in the morning, or simply consistently hitting your bed time. When you aim for the best version of you, you realize that your petty temptations are not part of that. This gives you the motivation to succeed.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily understand temptation and how it may be hurting you.

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