Thanks To Modern Technology, Reputations Can Now Be Finished In Seconds

One bad tweet can destroy a reputation forever. Source

Having a good reputation means a lot to many people. Especially if you’re a business owner or public figure who depends on being seen in a positive light. It’s seen as a major blow to your brand if your reputation is tarnished in one way or another.

The scary thing is that lots of businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers can have their reputations destroyed in seconds. This is all down to modern technology, and how we let it consume our lives. These days, everything is done online, or on a computer/device of some sort. This makes it very easy for a reputation to be picked apart. To help make sense of everything I’m talking about, here are a few common ways people – and companies – have had their reputation destroyed by technology.

Old Tweets/Social Media Posts

Perhaps the easiest way to destroy someone’s reputation online is to look back on their old social media posts. Everyone tweeted something out when they were younger that they look back on and cringe right now. Unfortunately, deleting old tweets doesn’t always save your bacon. You see, if something is ever on the internet, then it’s pretty much there forever. People screenshot old tweets and use them to expose people for tweeting about certain views or what have you. This happens so often, and reputations can be ended in seconds.

Dodgy Emails Exposed

Another very common way your reputation can be tarnished is if someone exposes some less than pleasant emails from you. We see this all the time as people look to run a smear campaign on others. The most recent example is after the Parkland shooting tragedy, the father of one survivor released images of emails claiming CNN told his son to ask certain questions at a Town Hall event. This led to everyone screaming that CNN was ‘fake news’ and their reputation was damaged. However, it was proven that these emails were in fact fabricated in some parts to make CNN look bad. If this type of attack ever happens to you, then thankfully there are computer forensics services that can help recover the legitimate emails to display the truth. But, there have definitely been cases where people have been legitimately exposed via their emails, and their rep has been damaged.



Poor Network Security

The last example is when a business has poor network security that’s easily breached. You only have to look as far back as last year to see this happen to a massive company called Equifax. Their security was breached, and millions of customers had important information stolen. As you can imagine, their reputation suffered a huge hit as soon as this happened. It’s still suffering today, and it all came about from poor network security.

Of course, modern internet technology also plays a huge role in that information is now out there instantly. When someone is exposed, they’re exposed all over social media, all over the internet, and all over the world. There’s nowhere for someone to hide, which makes the damage even harder to handle. The point of this piece was to show you how modern tech can often be a burden and lead to tarnished reputations. If you depend on a good reputation, then be wary of everything mentioned today!




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