The 3 Most Luxurious Electric Cars Of 2018

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There are many reasons to consider buying an electric car. To do so means that you’re voting with your wallet for a more sustainable and eco-conscious automotive industry. It means that you’re helping to pave the way for a future where we’re no longer dependent on fossil fuels and no longer willing to fill our atmosphere with pollutants. It’s also a good long term investment. While most electric vehicles come with a more robust price tag than their gas guzzling peers, the potential savings in fuel costs go a long way to mitigating the extra expense. But the electric vehicle isn’t just an economical choice, it can also be an opulent choice. This year’s discerning and environmentally aware customer has a huge range of vehicles to choose from including a wide range of luxury models.

Since we still have a while to wait until next year’s models roll out there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the cream of this year’s crop. Here we’ll look at some of the most luxurious electric cars of the year. Cruise down the highway in any of these and you’ll turn heads while you’re turning things around for the environment…

The Tesla Model S

While there are many truly gorgeous luxury electric vehicles on the market you’d be hard pressed to find one as sleek and seductive as Tesla’s new model S. Its dazzling exterior has a curvaceous appeal that looks almost organic. It also boasts a large and luxurious interior, superior handling and a choice of four battery options powering a 415 bhp electric motor that leaves many of its contemporaries in its dust. Its 0-60 stats have yet to be released but we don’t imagine they’ll stray far from last year’s 5 seconds (with the “ludicrous speed” upgrade offering acceleration of 0-60 in just 2.4 seconds).

The Mercedes Benz B Class

Oh lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz? Well, now that the brand has supplemented their impressive hybrid range with an all electric variant, He’s running out of reasons not to. The Mercedes Benz Electric Car Range is both impressive and eclectic. The B class is currently the only all electric option available although its new SUV the EQC will be arriving in 2020. Until then, there’s a lot to love about the B Class with a roomy, luxurious interior, advanced safety features and muscular 179 bhp engine.

Jaguar I-PACE

The distinctive looks of the Jaguar I-PACE are a USP all by themselves, elevating them above their German counterparts. It’s not only sexier than many of its peers, even outshining the distinctive Tesla S, it’s cheaper too! With coupe looks but SUV performance, the I-PACE is more than just a pretty chassis. It’s 246 horsepower engine can deliver 0-60 in a thoroughly respectable 6.6 seconds and market leading safety features to supplement its agile performance. In terms of value for money the I-PACE is the best buy of today’s selection.

If you want to make a difference to the world, but don’t want to compromise on luxury, any of these is a great choice!’

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