The Best Ways To Make Money From Your Small Farm

Farming can be a joy to many people – so many people farm primarily for their love of it. However, knowing how you can make money from your small farm will be a huge help, too. Just like every industry in the modern age, things can change fast, and the same goes for farming. Staying up to date with the most effective ways to make money from farming is imperative for any and all keen farmers.

Below we’ll give you a few of the best ways you can make money from your small farm today:

Turn A Field Into A Campsite

If your farm is in an area where there is plenty of tourism, you could consider turning one of your fields into a campsite for tourists. You can offer things like wi-fi and make it pet-friendly to make it more appealing to people.

Organize Swap Meets

By organizing and hosting a swap meet, you can charge vendors a fee to sell their wares on your land. This could be a profitable weekend venture that sees you making a decent side income.

Develop Private Fishing Lakes

If you have lakes already or you can dig them, developing private fishing lakes could be an idea. It’s up to you whether you are a catch and release lake or whether you make punters pay for the fish that they catch.

Grow Hemp

Recently, the president signed the 2018 farm bill, allowing cultivation and sale of hemp at the federal level – although you will need to check your own state to ensure that this is a suitable venture for you. Hemp based products are now set to thrive. Learn more below.

look at this hemp 2018 farm bill

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