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Safety should be people’s number one priority on the road. We say should, because that’s not the case for everybody. In fact, it’s not the case for so many people, that the number of accidents that are happening each year just keeps on growing and growing. But, for the car manufacturers, one of the things at the forefront of their mind is the safety of the passengers. It’s one of the reasons why so much research has gone into crumple zones and safety features of a car, and it still continues on to this day! In the last year or so in particular, we’re noticing that safety is improving massively. From the technology inside the car to aid the driver, to the structure of the car itself. Whilst you might not be able to escape the danger of others drivers on the road, you can ensure that you’re in a car that’s the safest for you and your passengers. There are a few cars that are leading the way in safety, and those are the ones we want to talk about today. So, if you’re not feeling too safe in your motor, and you’re looking to buy a new one, then have a read of the cars below, and see if any of them catch your eye.

Honda CR-V Sport

Honda is an extremely popular make of car. The manufacturing team can literally produce anything. From quick and sporty cars like the civic, to sporty SUV’s like this one that really is up there as being one of the safest cars on the market. It’s a great little car that’s mixing both speed with safety, and those are the two things that most people are looking for most in a car! The great thing about this model is that there is a 7 seater option, which makes the car ever so slightly longer. If you know you’re always driving around with your family in tow, the extra two seats really will come in handy, especially when they’re with their friends! It can also be noted that the new model of the car is much more efficient, which should hopefully make it cheaper to run. The manufacturers have designed it close to the ground and created a longer roof to make it more aerodynamic. The range of 7 or 8 seater cars isn’t the biggest, so to find one that combines both great safety features with efficiency, is rather a rarity! The inside of the car is nice and modern, however, we wouldn’t advise that you go for the model with the Sat Nav built in. For the extra price that you would be made to pay, you can always go and get yourself a portable one, and save yourself a ton of money.

Volvo XC60 SUV

There’s no denying that volvo has always been at the forefront of the safety race. Even many years ago, they were still producing cars that could withstand damage that others didn’t. Not only that, but they focused on making their cars easier to control, which some manufacturers loose sight of when they go on the race for the quickest car. This particular model, the 2017 one, is the proud owner of the highest adult occupancy protection score. That means that the people travelling in the car, were some of the most protected on the roads. The thing that Volvo are doing right at the minute is the technology that they’re putting in there to assist with safety. At the minute, there are things such as lane change guides, crash detection, and warnings about vehicles moving towards you. Without technology, the race for the safest car would not be where it is today! The car also looks great, comes with plenty of space, and plenty of optional additions that will make the perfect car for you.

Volkswagen Polo

So, from the bigger cars, to the slightly smaller ones that still seem to be holding their own. The hatchback is definitely not the safest car on the market, but there are some manufacturers that are focusing more on it now with their smaller cars, and one company who we can say is definitely doing this is Volkswagen. It has a high quality appearance that will catch your eye, and it does have a sport version that proves very popular. Obviously, the sport version isn’t going to be as safe as the normal, but the normal is showing the hatchbacks how it’s done in terms of safety. The feature of the polo that puts it on the safety map, is the unbreakable build that it seems to have. It is a car that has a very strong and robust structure all round, rather than just with the crumple zone. It rated 96% in the same test the volvo did, meaning you’re more likely to walk away from a crash unharmed. It comes with a autonomous emergency braking system as well, which means you’re more than likely going to be able to avoid a collision.

Volkswagen T-Roc

Finishing off with another Volkswagen again, as this manufacturer clearly knows what it’s up to when keeping safety in mind. This is a much bigger car than the polo, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily safer. The polo actually wins in that race, but not everybody is going to want a smaller car. Although the other two have high scores in the adult occupancy test, this one also score extremely high in the children’s one, which is something all you families are going to like the sound of. Like with the polo, it also has the same autonomous emergency braking system. It’s pretty much equipped as the polo would be too. The only difference between the two cars is the shape, space, and speed of the car! The great little extra about this car is that you can have the pre-crash system installed. If a potential collision is detected, the car will tighten the seat belts, and does up the electric windows to further protect the passengers!

We think these are among some of the safest cars on the market, and all of them would be worth looking at if you need a new car!

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