The Case For Real Modern-Day Optimism

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If you’re interested in the news to any capacity, you are used to the media of all political persuasions analyzing why things are so terrible in one way or the other. For those who read extreme-left newspapers, it may be apparent that violent nationalism is on the rise, that we are all ruled by despots and there’s no hope. If you read extreme-right wing news outlets, you’ll be convinced that not only is everyone on the other side to you less-than-intelligent, but also carefully ruining the values your country holds. The truth is always somewhere in the middle, but also much more nuanced and complex than a quick article can give you. It’s always best to read with an open mind and apply critical thinking no matter what you absorb.

We hope to break this spell that many of us can experience by instead focusing on the case for real, modern-day optimism. In fact, in the modern world, there are more things to be excited about and happier with than not. Let us consider the following to this end:

People Are More Forgiving Than Ever

Look online and it can seem as though people are all-too-quick to fight one another, to attack each other based on their opinions, and to disagree about anything. But has this changed since the early days of civilization? Likely not. However, what has changed is the amount of people willing to try and resolve differences, to communicate, to become more aware of the struggles we all face. If you try to do this, you are the next level in this wonderful chain.

Awareness Spreads In Seconds

It’s important to truly remember that positive awareness can spread in seconds in the modern-day, and that’s something to be grateful for. Injustice can be found and spread online, allowing everyone to weigh in on something that shouldn’t have taken place, or to spread a message of positivity and unity. The outpouring of love, financial support and help when it comes to terrible events that happen worldwide is astonishing. With the advent of the internet, this has changed in a way that had never been seen even fifty years prior. That’s something to be hopeful about.

Real Good Is Being Done

Real good is being done out there, but your news sources are failing to curate this in your timeless. Individuals such as Prem Rawat are true ambassadors for peace, spreading a positive message of love and unity that is absolutely essential and something that humanity must never forget.These fundamental considerations can help you truly realign your perspective, and become inspired. We would also heavily recommend reading r/UpliftingNews over at Reddit, a curated source of excellent and positive happenings that can elevate your mood tremendously, but also inspire you to similar positive action.

With this advice, you’re sure to find the case for real modern-day optimism.

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