The Dangers Legalizing Marijuana Could Cause

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You might be well aware that more and more countries are cutting the slack in terms of marijuana use. It’s not legal in a variety of different countries, including the many states of the US, for recreational use as well as medical. At first, countries seem to change the law just for medicinal use. The UK for example is one country who has just done that. We think this is because it’s much easier to explore the possibilities of what it can do, in a controlled manor. Plus, just opening up the market for it to become medical marijuana is some countries is enough to boost the economy entirely. When it gets made legal for recreational use however, there are a bunch of both positive and negative side effects that we want to talk about. We think there’s a lot of negative stigma around the use of marijuana, whether medical or not, and half of it is created because of the dangers we’re going to talk about below!

Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues all around the world seem to be arising, and the number of cases for the many different mental health issues there are, is always on the up. It’s things such as depression and anxiety that are always on the rise, and some would say that this could be due to the use of drugs, specifically marijuana. Whilst marijuana does play tricks on the mind sometimes, there hasn’t been much evidence that the it’s linked to mental health disorders. In fact, for a lot of mental health patients, it’s now being used as a treatment when in a controlled environment. But we will admit that there is some element of mind play going on, and smoking more than usual could easily send a person into a state of psychosis, especially if the person at hand was already going through some troubles at the time!

Dangers To The Public

People definitely are a danger to the public, whether under the influence of drugs or no. But what you’ll often find is that certain areas are being made more dangerous, and that’s on the roads. Whilst some would swear marijuana does not alter their state of mind, it has been proven to. With so many countries legalizing it, so many people are driving under the influence of it. An auto injury doctor sees so many serious injuries, simply because someone was driving whilst under the influence of marijuana, or hit by someone who was. The temporary lapses in concentration that you can have, could easily end your life. But on the other hand, plenty will claim it makes them a much more switched on and calm driver.

Overuse Of The Drug

Now this is where things start getting tricky. It can alter a person’s lifestyle, make them reclusive, or change the way that they see the world. Marijuana on a small time use scale is fine, but when it gets overused, the personality and lifestyle changes will be noticed, and you may lose out of some of the life you were destined to have!

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