The Essential Guide To Pimping Your Ride

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If you have a bog standard motor but you are keen to take it from ordinary to extraordinary, the chances are that you want to pimp your ride. This allows you to customize your motor to make it a one of a kind set of wheels. However, unless you are a mechanic or a car designer, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you’ve ever seen the TV show, Pimp My Ride you might assume that you need thousands of dollars to make your car worthy of being bespoke. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Take a look at how you can pimp your ride.


The first thing you notice about many pimped rides are the wheels. You might choose thicker tires after enhancing your axles. Perhaps you fancy changing your alloys for something more personal. You could head to a rim repair company to shine up your spokes. Thicker, fatter tires can help your car be dropped lower in a safer way. Alloys don’t have to be chrome looking, and instead, you can choose a titanium, aluminum or rose gold finish. Gun metal grays are also hugely fashionable at the moment as are jet black spokes and alloys.

Paint Job

The color of your car can help your motor stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you want to have your car wrapped. This enables your set of wheels to have a second skin put on it. This can be cheaper than a more expert paint job. You could go for a matt finish or you might apply a glitter style finish to your paint job. You could even opt for a mirror effect or go for a two tone job. If you have a large SUV with distinct features, make a statement with them. If you have a traditionally kooky car like a mini or a beetle, think about the traditional paint job and pay homage to the mid century look.


The interior of your car can be just as important and bespoke as the chassis. Consider what you want from the interior of your motor. Perhaps you want all of the latest technological mod cons. An integrated DVD player, GPS, and a sub woofer that pumps more bass into the car than a club in Ibiza might be the order of the day. Alternatively, you might focus on the dashboard, installing polished walnut veneer and classic upholstery. Swap the leather for velvet or get rid of the factory fitted manmade polyester and go for a more resilient and personalized denim.


While not the most sophisticated look, many people enjoy hearing they car accelerate and power up. Add on one of those massive exhausts, and while your car may look a little unusual and out of proportion, people will hear you coming from far away. If you want to turn heads, an exhaust will do it.

Pimping your ride can seem like it is rife with pitfalls. Take your time, follow this guide and you could end up with the car of your dreams.

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