The Future Of Music: Technologies Revolutionizing the Music Industry

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Music is an art form and a lifestyle in itself. Many in the industry dedicate themselves to music production so that we can enjoy listening to them in our free time. Many dedicate themselves to improving the industry’s state, so there wouldn’t be so much work for many musicians out there.

Technology is changing the world, and that goes the same for music. The medium is now easily distributed and propagated across all platforms. You don’t need a bulky phonograph anymore  to listen to music. You can listen to it almost anywhere you go. You also don’t need to be personally taught how to play an instrument anymore. There are many apps out there that offer music lessons just for you. Additionally, artists now have an easier time producing music for all of us to hear and enjoy because of technology. Here are some technologies that are revolutionizing the music industry today.


Blockchain is revolutionizing every industry we know today. It’s also making ripples in the music industry.

Blockchain is a type of cryptographic database that protects various files from third-party outsiders. Its decentralized nature also adds another layer of protection for anyone who uses it. Blockchain uses ‘blocks’ in a connected system to secure everyone’s data. Each block has specific transcriptions and processes which it checks for every transaction. If one block sees an irregularity or a problem with a particular transaction, it can easily block access to other files within the network. It’s a robust platform that has a lot to offer to the music industry. One of them is by protecting the industry from piracy.

It’s been reported that the music industry loses billions of dollars due to piracy, and hundreds of thousands of people working in the industry lose their jobs for it. Pirates usually find their way into many major industry labels’ systems and get the files from them. Considering that most database systems are centralized, it only takes one pirate to get into the system to access the necessary files without any way to track them.

However, now with the integration of blockchain technology into the industry, many major labels are safe and protected. Musicians can nowadays freely publish their works without the fear of it being stolen from them. This can eventually lead to more revenue for musicians and the companies they represent and work for.


Streaming is one of the technologies that revolutionized the entertainment industry. With streaming, all kinds of influencers, including musicians, can advertise their works to the public. They can use it to interact with fans from all over the globe and schedule online meetups.
This particular technology has seen tremendous growth, especially during the pandemic. At first, many influencers and musicians didn’t know what to do with their time. Many concerts were canceled alongside music production and meetups with fans. Everyone braced for the worst. However, musicians started to learn to do online shows through online streaming apps like Twitch and Facebook Live. This immediately became a trend, garnering millions of views all around the world.

Streaming created a more personal connection with fans as well. When you compare it to concerts, some fans staying in the backmost seats can’t see the musician very well. However, through streaming, all fans can see the musician equally.

If it wasn’t for streaming, the music industry would have taken a big hit from the pandemic. But this particular technology has saved it from such a disaster.

Musical Learning Apps

People like to learn instruments even if they’re not planning to use them professionally. The industry earns millions of dollars paid by willing amateurs who want to learn an instrument or two as a hobby. But once again, the pandemic made it hard for everyone to learn the traditional way.

This is where musical learning apps shine. You can now learn all kinds of musical instruments wherever you are in the world, the comfort and protection of your own home. If you’re planning to be lectured on hard-to-play instruments like the piano or the violin during this pandemic, various online sites and apps can offer it to you. These sites and apps also provide interactive ways to learn an instrument, such as tapping the screen to hear how certain chords sound like and even making your own music. Musical sheets are also available to users, so they can learn how to read notes and how to play them. It’s almost similar to traditionally learning a musical instrument.

Music is part of everyone’s lives. It’s something we all enjoy to hear and do. However, there were a couple of pain points that littered the industry. But technology found a way to fix that. Today, we see musician stream their works online and do concerts. We can now learn how to play an instrument in the safety of our homes. Moreover, musicians can directly publish their works safely and without the trouble of pirates stealing their work.

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